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    Astrologer and comedian Harry Listig asks mankind to leave behind ethnic, racial and gender stereotypes in favor of mining laughter from the universal personality types known to astrologers as the zodiac signs, as he pioneers a new frontier in comedy in his one-man show Astro-Discrimination! Astro-Discrimination! is not only a hilarious and provocative analysis of the behavioral traits of the zodiac signs; audiences have found the show to be very sexy. In portions of the show, the sexual behavior of each zodiac sign is analyzed, and the sexual behavior of the various historical generations (which are defined astrologically) is also analyzed, albeit in a fun way. "Entire generations have very distinct personality traits, and therefore have very distinct sexual values. Neither the ad agencies nor the sociologists can solve the mystery of what defines the generations . . . but I can." Living in New York City for the past ten years, Harry has "talked about the signs with people from every part of the Earth, from Kenya to Australia, and the behavioral descriptions are immediately recognizable to them. Their laughter confirms this. You know, if you were born under the sun, it applies to you . . . . It's a hell of a demographic!" "Most people think that the zodiac refers to the constellations, " he warns, "actually it refers to the apparent path of the sun around the earth -astronomers use the very same coordinate system that astrologers use -but astronomers call it the ecliptic. The signs are symbols of the various phases of solar energy acting upon the earth. " For those seeking to integrate astrology with current "scientific" thought, Harry recommends examining NASA's web page on the newly emerging science of the magnetosphere — the magnetic fields surrounding the earth. Harry Listig has been a practicing astrologer for over five years, as well as a professional comedian. No stranger to academia, Harry holds a B.A. in Philosophy from Drew University and spent several years as a librarian at Princeton University where he conducted his own research in the history of ideas. He left the university just before enrolling in the PhD program there. "As I was studying Freud I cured myself of the masochism you need to become an academic . . . "

    Dates:  March 20, 2003 - April 24, 2003
    Schedule:  Thurs. 8 p.m.
    Venue:  Collective: Unconscious (closed), 145 Ludlow St.
    Price:  $15
    Tickets/info:  (212) 254-5277

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