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    2008-2009 reviews:
  • Anaïs Nin Goes To Hell
  • beast: a parable
  • Blanche Survives Katrina in a FEMA Trailer Named Desire
  • Blasted
  • Buffalo Gal
  • China: The Whole Enchilada
  • The Corn Maiden
  • Crawl, Fade to White
  • Doruntine
  • Extraordinary Rendition
  • The First Breeze of Summer
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  • The Glass Cage
  • Hair
  • Hidden Fees* (A Play About Money)
  • Jailbait
  • King of Shadows
  • The Longest Running Joke of the Twentieth Century
  • Lucasville: The Untold Story of a Prison Uprising
  • Macbeth
  • The Master Builder
  • Missa Solemnis, or The Play About Henry
  • Mourn the Living Hector
  • A Nasty Story
  • Nowadays
  • the october crisis (to laura)
  • Oresteia
  • Other Bodies
  • Prayer
  • Psalms of a Questionable Nature
  • Raised by Lesbians
  • Reasonable Doubt
  • Sleepwalk With Me
  • Small Craft Warnings
  • Something Weird . . . in the Red Room
  • Soul Samurai
  • The Sound of One Hanna Clapping
  • Southern Promises
  • The Third from the Left
  • Twelfth Night
  • Voices from Guantánamo
  • The Wendigo
  • Zombie


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    Closed Aug. 24, 2003

    Based on a true story; Alice Marie is killed by her husband in a domestic Violence dispute in front of her eight year old son. Her Aunt a voodoo priestess conjours her spirit in . . . (more)

    Closed Feb. 28, 2004

      un becoming
    Un becoming follows Emma Douglas as she struggles to see through manipulation, lust, and denial in an effort to get to the truth surrounding her impending surgery. un becoming is . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 26, 2001

      Una Media De Dos (O Pocas Veces Mas)
    A dance theatre performance full of humor and sensibility in a high quality choregraphic execution, where two Spanish women carry us in a vertiginous journey, a day, or a life, . . . (more)

    Closed Dec. 21, 2002


      Uncle Jimmy's Dirty Basement
    Read the Offoffoff review
    a surreal, genre-bending rock musical set in a suburban basement. It introduces you to a plethora of most unusual characters including exhibitionistic Uncle Jimmy and his devoted . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed March 9, 2003


      Uncle Vanya
    Read the Offoffoff review
    "American Beauty" director Sam Mendes returns to BAM with a limited run of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night and Brian Friel's new version of Chekhov's Uncle Vanya performed in . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed Aug. 3, 2002

      Under a Mantle of Stars
    Manuel Puig is back on the New York City theatre scene this summer with his seldom performed first stage work, Under a Mantle of Stars. A brilliant and rarely performed play . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed Sept. 23, 2001

      Under Milk Wood
    Dylan Thomas' comedic celebration of the joy of life. Both touhcing and funny, Dylan Thomas takes the audience through a spring day in a small Welsh coast town. Under Milk . . . (more)

    Closed Dec. 7, 2002

      Under The Highway
    Under The Highway, the new musical about Gypsies, returns to Manhattan for three nights in December, with great music, singing, dancing, and a posse of unsavory Gypsy . . . (more)

    Opened Oct. 23, 2001


      Underneath the Lintel
    Read the Offoffoff review
    A librarian rents stage time to present "impressive evidences" that reveal phenomena of great historical significance. His twisty mystery of a tale, subtitled "The Mystery of the . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed Aug. 25, 2002
    (Fringe Festival 2002)

      Understanding A Star (A Fantastic Account of the Facts)
    A powerful piece set in North Dakota. What? Ya sure, Norrthdakoooota!! The solo performer becomes five family members involved in a skirmish with an only child. Lutherans, . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 22, 2008
    (Fringe Festival 2008)

      Underwear: A Space Musical
    In the not-so-distant but inconceivable future, Dottie Smallton leaves her poodle-skirted planet and joins the fabulous fashion industry only to discover that her boss, Patricia . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed Aug. 17, 2008
    (Fringe Festival 2008)

    Uneka / Arnasa arises within a new project line which we have named: Dramatic cells. These are works without frontiers, without physical or temporal limits, both in their . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed May 5, 2002


      Uni-tard 3
    Read the Offoffoff review
    "The Godfather." "Star Wars." "Police Academy." Sometimes once just isn't enough. Now critically acclaimed solo artists Mike Albo, Nora Burns and David Ilku have succumbed to . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 24, 2003

      Unidentified: the Farmington Armada
    A newspaper article from 1950 reported strange objects in the sky above Farmington, NM. That article inspired this collection of short scenes and monologues by ten different . . . (more)

    Closed Feb. 2, 2003

      The Uninvited Guest
    Centers around a dysfunctional family posing as a normal one. On one insane evening a possible Nobel Prize nomination may be coaxed from one of 2 dinner guests for the family . . . (more)

    Closed Dec. 9, 2001

      The Union City Plays
    A culmination of the first works by Adrian Rodriguez, an emerging playwright who was born in the U.S. to Cuban parents and raised in Union City, N.J. His works . . . (more)

    Closed May 30, 2003


      Unitard: Showdown
    Read the Offoffoff review
    ??h?ial Imbedded Comedic Correspondents arrive with a wartime mix of satirical standards and fiercely fresh fodder. They will shock and awe you (in a good way) with their . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed Dec. 21, 2002

      Unreal City
    From autobiographical "Lives" pieces printed in the New York Times Magazine, Topol and Viellieu-Davis weave one seamless tale detailing life in our community. UNREAL CITY . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed Dec. 15, 2002

    seven original one-act plays on the loss, grief and recovery following 9/11. Noted playwrights include Jeff Baron, Steven Fechter, Romulus Linney, Joe Pintauro, Dale Ramsey, . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 25, 2002
    (Fringe Festival 2002)

      The Unspeakable Act
    Inspired by an ancient Japanese fairytale, The Unspeakable Act follows an empress on her journey of sexual discovery with an unlikely lover: a hermit-monk turned demonic . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 22, 2008
    (Fringe Festival 2008)

      Untitled Masterpiece
    Untitled Masterpiece is a fresh take on life after college graduation. Everyman Joe Meursault struggles to find himself through a barrage of changing scenes and rotating . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed Oct. 27, 2001

      Unwrap Your Candy
    An evening of short plays by Doug Wright. "Unwrap Your Candy" marks Mr. Wright's return to the New York stage following the critical and popular success of his play and . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 25, 2002
    (Fringe Festival 2002)

      Up to the Sky
    "It's lucky you boys were so cute, or I would have killed you, more than once." Two-time Best in Fringe Winner returns for his 6th Fringe premiere with this absurdly poetic tale . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 25, 2002
    (Fringe Festival 2002)


      Up Your Rabbit Hole
    Read the Offoffoff review
    In a world where everyone is out of his mind, Alice is scared of losing her head. When a morning commute goes awry Alice is plunged into the shared anxieties and conundrums that . . . (more)

    Closed Oct. 6, 2001

      Uppa Creek
    In Keli Garrett's new play based on the art of Kara E. Walker, a young Negress slave on the Friendly Confines Plantation plots her freedom by attempting to poison her white . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 26, 2001

      Urban Myth File
    See details.

    Closed Aug. 22, 2008
    (Fringe Festival 2008)

    A musical by Yale students based on Edgar Allan Poe's "The Fall of the House of Usher." A mysterious affliction torments the Usher clan. A visitor discovers a dark secret that . . . (more)
    Official site

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