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  • Anaïs Nin Goes To Hell
  • beast: a parable
  • Blanche Survives Katrina in a FEMA Trailer Named Desire
  • Blasted
  • Buffalo Gal
  • China: The Whole Enchilada
  • The Corn Maiden
  • Crawl, Fade to White
  • Doruntine
  • Extraordinary Rendition
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  • Lucasville: The Untold Story of a Prison Uprising
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  • The Master Builder
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  • The Wendigo
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    Closed April 4, 2004

    Luigi Pirandello's Naked is a disturbing and erotic media-driven psychological drama. It is the story of Ersilia Drei, a nanny whose charge dies while in her care. The tragic . . . (more)
    Themantics Group

    Closed Dec. 21, 2002

      A Naked Date
    Touches on the perils of being young, single, and perplexed by the insane dating rituals of our country's largest city — Manhattan. Morgan, like the most of us, came to the . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed March 29, 2003
    (HA! Comedy Fest)


      Naked Girls Drinking!
    Read the Offoffoff review
    Glengarry Glen Ross meets The Producers. Critically acclaimed Bon Bock Productions returns to FringeNYC2002 with a wickedly funny comedy. A struggling writer persuades three . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 25, 2002
    (Fringe Festival 2002)


      Naked Girls Drinking!
    Read the Offoffoff review
    Glengarry Glen Ross meets The Producers. Critically acclaimed Bon Bock Productions returns to FringeNYC2002 with a wickedly funny comedy. A struggling writer persuades three . . . (more)

    Closed Oct. 26, 2002


      Namesake Short Play Festival (Series A)
    Read the Offoffoff review
    "Really?" by Malachy Walsh, "What I Knew Then" by Christopher DePaola, "Hermes' Mother" by Philip Cuomo, "Howard" by Mark Harvey Levine, "Talk To Me" by Judy Klass, "Bridesmaid" . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed Oct. 26, 2002


      Namesake Short Play Festival (Series B)
    Read the Offoffoff review
    "Doppelganger" by Simon Heath, "Spoilt Milk" by Judeth Oden, "The Homunculus" by Stacie Dugan Vourakis, "A Man With A Limp" by Victoria Libertore, "Not I" by Ted LoRusso, "Have . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed Aug. 11, 2001

      Narcissus and Goldstein
    Teddy gets more than he bargained for when he hires the talented Annie to be part of his "abstract cabaret performance" team. (See details)

    Closed Aug. 25, 2002
    (Fringe Festival 2002)

    U.S. premiere of Romanian Alina Nelega's passionate and tender portrait of five women inside maternity hospital on the eve of revolution. Conflict and anxiety about the future . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 24, 2003

    Two young actors spin an Epic Tale of Love, Romance, and Deceit, in which a crowd of characters — Old and Young, Southern and British, Real and Magical — go to desparate extremes . . . (more)

    Closed March 3, 2002


      Native Son
    Read the Offoffoff review
    The OBIE Award-winning Classical Theater of Harlem (CTH) will present the premiere Christopher McElroen's adaptation of NATIVE SON, based on the classic novel by Richard . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 24, 2003

      Natural Selection
    In a surreal workroom, under a banner proclaiming Alignment is Everything, Myrtle and Avis put lids on little gift boxes and discuss String Theory and cockroaches. A profound . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 26, 2001

      Navajo Memoirs: How Uncle Sam Incested Me (and then I got to Meet Mary-Louise Parker)
    Weaving Navajo ceremonies, songs and slides into a unique creation myth chronicling the historic destruction of his ancestral people, Mel England reconciles the shattered . . . (more)

    Closed Dec. 21, 2002

      The Neal Medlyn Special
    A FUNNY, AVANT GARDE PERFORMANCE PARTY hosted by NEAL MEDLYN — downtown socialite and 1st runner-up in the Mr. Lower East Side Pageant. Each week, NEAL MEDLYN will perform . . . (more)

    Closed May 29, 2004

    Necropolis is set in a small hotel room, against the backdrop of a war-torn Eastern European country, where two lost souls converge. She's a sniper, with a shell-shocked past, a . . . (more)

    Closed May 9, 2004

      Nemico Mio
    Dario D'Ambrosi, one of Italy's leading performance artists and originator of the theatrical movement called teatro patologico, returns to La MaMa Maqy 6 to 9 in "Nemico Mio" (My . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 24, 2003

    Jump into *Neo/Retro/Woyzeck*, the chaotic black comedy about murder, sex, masochistic barbers . . . and peas. Twenty scenes in sixty minutes, each in a different style! Audiences . . . (more)

    Closed March 21, 2004

      Nevada Territory
    The year is 1870. The place: Empire, a dreary, dusty company town in the heart of the new Nevada Territory. The business: silver mining, under the control of the Padre, a . . . (more)
    Danse Macabre Theatrics

    Closed Aug. 26, 2001

      Never Live Long in Cages, Adapted from Act IV of John Webster's The Duchess of Malfi
    TCA transforms the fourth act of John Webster's THE DUCHESS OF MALFI into an intense, visceral, and dream-like theatrical experience. A provocative journey that reveals the . . . (more)

    Closed Dec. 20, 2002

    an unscripted theater piece about terrorism a retelling of peter pan neverland is a performative exploration. The final product will be a structured improvisation — a . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed Jan. 13, 2002

      The New American Art Song / Laszlo Lafayette's Royal Revue
    "The New American Art Song," a cabaret by Tom Bogdan (week one), followed by "Laszlo Lafayette's Royal Revue," hosted by Bogdan with two to three guests. (See details)

    Closed Dec. 2, 2001

      New Day: A Multi-Media Sci-Fi Comedy
    What happens when a New Age philosophy is corrupted by a megalomaniacal scientist with a myriad of monkeys and a penchant for evisceration? Welcome to New Day Life-Transformation . . . (more)

    Closed March 28, 2009

      The New Hopeville Comics
    A hit at the 2002 New York International Fringe Festival, this new musical features music and lyrics by Nate Weida and a book co-written by Weida and Sarah Donnell. Jim Wren . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 25, 2002
    (Fringe Festival 2002)

      The New Hopeville Comics
    When reality seeps into a comic book, a city crumbles and a superhero fails. An irresistibly funky score drives this hilarious and heartwarming rock-opera. The ink runs. Lines . . . (more)

    Closed Sept. 28, 2001

      The New Tenant
    Eugene Ionesco's classic comedy of increasing furniture and decreasing space. It's always stressful, especially when your new landlady won't leave you alone, and the movers don't . . . (more)

    Opened Dec. 3, 2004

      New Yawk Tawk
    "Improv Comedy with Noo Yawk Tawk." Noo Yawk Tawk is a venerable improvisational troupe which made its name in three continuous years of improvisation at the Village Gate from . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 24, 2003


    Read the Offoffoff review
    A Belgian cabaret singer and his assistant freeze to death at the North Pole while searching for the Yeti. "Richard Harrington and Chris Kauffman raise the level of comedy to a . . . (more)

    Closed June 15, 2009

    A world premiere of a contemporary adaptation of Chekhov's Ivanov from the original Russian by Laura Wickens Nick Ivanov, a man of infinite promise and debt, is torn between . . . (more)
    Blessed Unrest

    Closed Oct. 18, 2008

      The Night Carter Was Bad
    Presented by Kids With Guns (Ben Cikanek, Mike Klar and Kristen Reyes). By Ben Cikanek. Directed by Mike Klar. With Tom Baran, Rachel Jordan Brown, Ginny Myers Lee, Kurt . . . (more)

    Closed March 15, 2003

      Night Ether
    The story of Jackie, a New Orleans widow in her late twenties whose husband, Sam, is missing. Her search leads her to the one man who could change her life forever — . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed Nov. 11, 2003

      A Night of 50 Tits
    For our last Fifty Tits show we had a stellar turn out. Men who thought they'd encounter a titty show met female comics, all in one room, and laughed their butts off at the same . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 25, 2002
    (Fringe Festival 2002)

      A Night of Shitty Theatre
    Scared of picking a show to see? Worried you'll wind up sitting through crap? Hey, Pal, set your mind at ease. We're staging embarrassingly awful pieces and giving you permission . . . (more)

    Closed Jan. 27, 2002

      Night of the Milky Way Railway
    A Japanese fable presented by an ensemble cast of 13. (See details)

    Closed Aug. 24, 2003

      The Night Word
    A high-minded white man lies paralyzed in a hospital, and an ambitious younger black man visits him nightly, revealing the random violence and calculated exercise of power that . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 23, 2008
    (Fringe Festival 2008)

      Nightlight Jesus
    In Nightlight Jesus, LA spoken word artist, Rich Ferguson, and beatmaster, Paul Garrison, create sonic syllables rubbing up against trip-hop beats and street atmosphere. Its . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed Aug. 26, 2001

      Nikolai Gogol's The Nose
    One morning a man awakes and inexplicably finds his nose missing. In a madcap chase through the city he beseeches a bizarre parade of characters for help but to no avail. A . . . (more)

    Closed Jan. 13, 2003

      Nine Muses Variety Show
    "We know how to speak false things that seem true, but we know, when we will, to speak true things." So say the Nine Muses! Tom X. Chao will host his own variety show at . . . (more)

    Opened Oct. 9, 2004


      Nine Parts of Desire
    Read the Offoffoff review
    A portrait of the extraordinary — and ordinary — lives of a whole cross-section of Iraqi women, this solo work lifts the veil on exactly what it means to be a woman in . . . (more)

    Closed April 6, 2002

      The Ninth Circle
    Chronicles the seedy, psychological odyssey of Tom Used, a disillusioned corporate outplacement counselor, on Election Night, 1980. With allusions to Dante, the Bible and . . . (more)

    Closed Dec. 6, 2009

      No Exit
    Three special guests are locked in a room with no windows, no mirrors, and only one door, in what might be Hell. All expect to be tortured until they realize they are there to . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 24, 2003

      No Good Nigg@ Bluez (the Play)
    Combining the raw power of spoken-word with the subtleties of theater, NO gOOd NIgG@ bLueZ offers "A glimpse into what it is like to be a Black man in post civil rights . . . (more)

    Closed Nov. 15, 2008

      No Where Can Be Here Now
    No Where Can Be Here Now combines theater, dance, installation and sport, weaving together three disparate sources of inspiration: the music of free jazz composer Ornette . . . (more)

    Closed Feb. 3, 2002


      No. 11 (Blue & White)
    Read the Offoffoff review
    a bitingly funny and unsettling new play about youth in an affluent suburban high school. In her powerful circle, marked by privilege, fierce loyalties and casual brutality, . . . (more)

    Closed Oct. 1, 2003

      Nobody Knows I'm a Dog
    Six People. Six Lies. One Internet. Alan David Perkins' 1996 award-winning play, which has been called "A 'Love Letters' for the information age," examines the lives of six . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed Aug. 24, 2008
    (Fringe Festival 2008)

      NOIR: a shot and a chaser
    A hybrid of film noir chic and graphic novel ferocity, spiked with live jazz and Chandleresque narration. Welcome to the underground lair of Crazy Als speakeasy, where the . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed Aug. 29, 2004

      Nora's Bloke
    Set during the last few months of WWII, "Nora's Bloke," has been called "Abie's Irish Rose" meets "Dancing at Lughnasa." Four young Irish women, raised together in an . . . (more)

    Closed April 27, 2002

      The Norman Conquest Trilogy: Table Manners
    Complete revival of Alan Ayckbourn's comic trilogy, The Norman Conquests. Norman Dewers, gigolo and assistant librarian, has a problem: How do you escape the family for . . . (more)

    Closed April 27, 2002

      The Norman Conquest Trilogy: Living Together
    Complete revival of Alan Ayckbourn's comic trilogy, The Norman Conquests. Norman Dewers, gigolo and assistant librarian, has a problem: How do you escape the family for . . . (more)

    Closed April 27, 2002

      The Norman Conquest Trilogy: Round and Round the Garden
    Complete revival of Alan Ayckbourn's comic trilogy, The Norman Conquests. Norman Dewers, gigolo and assistant librarian, has a problem: How do you escape the family for . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 24, 2003


    Read the Offoffoff review
    It's NOSFERATU, where silent film and puppetry collide! This adaptation resurrects the famed Dracula legend. Using rod puppetry, shadow images and biting wit, NOSFERATU . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 22, 2008
    (Fringe Festival 2008)

    Tom has a big hairy muse named Norman whos wrecking his life. When Norman arrives in a tutu feeding Tom's doubts about his marriage, Tom finds a writer can pick his friends, . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed Dec. 19, 2002

      Not Fool The Sun, or Fester 'n Sexx at the National Zipper Company
    It's 1964 and Gay Rights means Gay Wrongs. Seven hapless filmmakers try and complete an explicit gay pornographic film (a very illegal activity at the time) before their only . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 25, 2002
    (Fringe Festival 2002)

      Not Herself Lately
    Who is murdering the men of Chelsea? What is the meaning of the carvings on their cheeks and the bags over their heads? Can police officers sing, and how well? Find out at "Not . . . (more)

    Closed April 27, 2002

      Not in Front of the Baby
    A dysfunctional family farce that would make Christopher Durang blush. In an attempt to make sure that no one in her family lives a happy life (so they can be rewarded in . . . (more)

    Closed May 25, 2003

      Notes from Underground
    Writer and performer Eric Bogosian will direct Notes from Underground at P.S. 122 beginning May 1st. The seventy minute solo play stars acclaimed writer/performer Jonathan . . . (more)

    Closed May 18, 2003

      Nothing of Origins
    A poignant, ironic, and searing examination of the timeless burdens and blessings of womanhood. By revisiting the stories of the women of the Trojan war — Helen, Cassandra, . . . (more)
    Studio 42

    Closed Dec. 23, 2001

    Directed by Lorca Peress, Novel is a production filled with poetry and dance that traces the life of a novelist tormented by his past. Adam Reynaud, a struggling writer, secludes . . . (more)

    Closed June 1, 2003

      The Novelist
    A professor has just completed a novel with sublime ideology regarding heroism and revolution. When it comes to backing up his words he is a coward who betrays the rebel who . . . (more)
    Emerging Artists Theatre Company (EAT)

    Closed Aug. 22, 2008
    (Fringe Festival 2008)

      Now That She's Gone
    Join Ellen with a name like hers, she better be good Snortland as she teases the past of an affection challenged Norwegian American mother who raised a wacky yet politically . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed Oct. 26, 2008


    Read the Offoffoff review
    Written by a leading voice in the women’s suffrage movement, Nowadays pits a head-of-the-household kind of father with a daughter who wants to support herself. But when his . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 23, 2008
    (Fringe Festival 2008)

      Nudists in Love: A New Musical
    The perfect couple, the perfect town and one little secret. Gardenia, USA is thrown into chaos over one man's need to express himself, um, nakedly. Forget your hang ups and let . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed Dec. 21, 2008

      Nueva Cancion
    Theater for the New City will present the world premiere of "Nueva Cancion" by Aurin Squire, directed by Denyse Owens, December 4 to 21, 2008. The production is co-sponsored by . . . (more)

    Closed Sept. 27, 2008
    (The New York Clown Theatre Festival)

      Number's Up!
    Colossal global superstar El Macho Del Norte has wandered off! His fans await! His overwrought sidekick is caught pants-down . . . Is it curtain's up? Or number's up?! ! . . . (more)

    Closed Feb. 16, 2003

      Nuyorican Monologues
    Two one-man shows in Reportorio Espanol's series encouraging the voice of the local Hispanic community, especially second and third generation artists writing in English about . . . (more)

    Closed March 23, 2002

      NY National Albert Solomon Show
    Albert Solomon's one-man variety hour. (See details)

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