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  • Anaïs Nin Goes To Hell
  • beast: a parable
  • Blanche Survives Katrina in a FEMA Trailer Named Desire
  • Blasted
  • Buffalo Gal
  • China: The Whole Enchilada
  • The Corn Maiden
  • Crawl, Fade to White
  • Doruntine
  • Extraordinary Rendition
  • The First Breeze of Summer
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  • The Glass Cage
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  • Hidden Fees* (A Play About Money)
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  • The Longest Running Joke of the Twentieth Century
  • Lucasville: The Untold Story of a Prison Uprising
  • Macbeth
  • The Master Builder
  • Missa Solemnis, or The Play About Henry
  • Mourn the Living Hector
  • A Nasty Story
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  • The Sound of One Hanna Clapping
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  • The Wendigo
  • Zombie


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    Closed Sept. 29, 2002

      J'ai Deux Amours: A Journey with Josephine Baker
    takes you through the life and career of Madame Josephine Baker, beginning with her start as a street performer to her becoming the toast of Paris. The journey propels you . . . (more)

    Closed April 2, 2005

    The Flea Theater presents Elizabeth Swados' JABU, a new musical comedy that combines the French Absurdist classic play Ubu Roi with the wild life of young playwright Alfred . . . (more)
    The Bats

    Closed June 1, 2002

      Jack Farnstien PhD: The Secret Behind the Success
    a witty adventure into the lives of the players of a fictional radio done in the same mockumentary style as This Is Spinal Tap or Waiting for Guffman. The play follows . . . (more)

    Closed July 14, 2002


      Jack Kerouac - Last Call
    Read the Offoffoff review
    Jack Kerouac spent his last night on earth in a small bungalow located in St. Petersburg, Florida, his last residence. It is October 21, 1969. Visions of his past come back in . . . (more)

    Closed Dec. 20, 2009

      Jackie Beat: Alcoholidays!
    JACKIE BEAT, everyone's favorite drag Grinch, returns to NYC for her 12th annual holiday show. Beginning December 18th, the self-professed bastard child of "Weird" Al Yankovic . . . (more)

    Closed April 13, 2003

      The Jackie Wilson Story
    Featuring Tony Award-winner and Grammy nominated stage and recording star Melba Moore, who portrays Jackie's mother, this high-energy musical showcasing the rise and fall of . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed April 25, 2009


    Read the Offoffoff review
    WORLD PREMIERE by Deirdre O'Connor Mentored by Michael Weller Directed by Suzanne Agins Two fifteen year old girls spend a night at a Boston club posing as college . . . (more)

    Closed Feb. 10, 2002

    Subtitled "A Crash Course In Being American," "JAPA-RICA" traces the real-life steps of Mr. Nakanishi, who arrived in New York City 10 years ago with the . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed Oct. 5, 2008
    (New York Musical Theatre Festival 2008)

      Jason & Ben
    A chance encounter one cold Christmas Eve leads songwriters Jason and Ben to question each other and themselves. On the “loneliest night of the year,” they play a game of . . . (more)

    Closed Oct. 4, 2008
    (New York Musical Theatre Festival 2008)

      The Jerusalem Syndrome
    This tuneful Kleban Award-winning musical brings to life the real psychological phenomenon that makes ordinary tourists in Jerusalem come to believe they are figures from the . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 26, 2001

      Jesus Gets The Blonde
    A philosophical musical comedy noir. A bookie, Sorrowful Jones, takes action as Al Capone and Owney Madden kidnap Jesus and take over God's business. (See details)

    Closed Aug. 25, 2002
    (Fringe Festival 2002)

      Jezebel the Justified
    Can religion save Julie from all the rules that condemn her life? No. He's your husband, he's allowed. Bring all the sinners, but don't speak out of turn. A new one-woman show . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 26, 2001


      Jim Carroll's The Basketball Diaries
    Read the Offoffoff review
    Pascal Ulli, awarded best promising European actor, gives one of his most thrilling performances as Jim Carroll. A wise-ass kid prowling New York — playing basketball, hustling, . . . (more)

    Closed June 26, 2002

      Jimmity Jam Jam
    The Jimmity Jam Jam is an invite that was put out to various members of the improv community to take a half hour and do whatever they wanted with it. The cast and the format are . . . (more)

    Closed May 29, 2002

      Jimmy Carter Was a Democrat
    This political-comical cocktail follows one man's journey into the ribald excesses of presidential elections, air traffic control and sex circa 1980. Written by Rinne Groff and . . . (more)

    Closed Feb. 24, 2009

      Joan Rivers
    With the closing of The Cutting Room, legendary comedian JOAN RIVERS brings her her live stand-up act to The Lower East Side. Beginning February 3rd, Rivers presents an evening . . . (more)

    Closed Dec. 17, 2008

      Joan Rivers
    After a 4 month hiatus (following a successful run of her autobiographical play on London's West End), legendary comedian JOAN RIVERS returns to New York with her live stand-up . . . (more)

    Closed Feb. 20, 2005

      John Brown: Trumpet of Freedom
    St. Mark's-in-the-Bowery hosts the World Premiere of John Brown: Trumpet of Freedom, a drama by George Wolf Reily and Norman Thomas Marshall. Directed by Reily, it features . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed May 18, 2002

      John Brown's Body
    A living cartoon brought to the stage, with more fun, horror, and ridiculousness than the childhood Saturdays of yore. A rough and raunchy romp, channeled through the masks of . . . (more)

    Closed April 28, 2002

      John Gabriel Borkman
    Ibsen's examination of the destructive nature of obsession and the corrupting power of wealth. Borkman — a former financier of great reknown — paces like a caged wolf, plotting . . . (more)

    Closed Oct. 28, 2001

      John R
    by Frank Anthony Polito. Best friends since seventh grade, Jack and Brad discover they have more in common than marching in the school band, in this '80s coming-of-age/coming-out . . . (more)

    Closed Oct. 31, 2003

      Johnny 23
    Who will win ownership of the Last Chance Mission in Port Arthur, Texas — the Reverend Johnny 23 and his choir of sailors, or Madame Freckles and her singing "Ladies of . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 22, 2008
    (Fringe Festival 2008)

      JOHNNY LAW, Courtroom Crusader
    WORLD PREMIERE — Criminal defense attorney Johnny Law knows one way. His way. See the courtroom through a new set of eyes. From the creative team responsible for ALL THE HELP . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed Oct. 4, 2008

      Johnny on a Spot
    This fast-paced satire of American politics by a master of farce concerns the machinations of a particularly inventive campaign manager to elect Governor Johnny, a devout drunk . . . (more)
    Pecadillo Theater Company

    Closed Aug. 25, 2002
    (Fringe Festival 2002)

      Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams
    This dark comedy and haunting tragedy is the story of a psychiatric clinic secretary on a mission to chronicle the nature of fear. She secretly records patient's nightmares for . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 14, 2008
    (Fringe Festival 2008)

      johnpaulgeorgeringo - an intimate experience with the fab four
    Improvised, impromptu and interactive. Dave Jay seamlessly morphs between distinct impersonations of the Fab Four. A British Invasion of truth, tunes and trivia. Created on . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed March 2, 2002

      Joker of the Day
    Joker of the Day, a comedy/drama highlighting the environment of cutthroat stockbrokers and money hungry/sex craved women, mimics the atmosphere in some American firms today. . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 24, 2003


      Jokes and Their Relation to the Unconscious (a Comedy to End All Comedy)
    Read the Offoffoff review
    Chicago's Neo-Futurists attempt to drive the final nail in the coffin of comedy by explaining it to death, with help from Freud, Bergson, and Uncle Miltie. From the creator . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 13, 2004

      Jollyship the Whiz-Bang: Sleepless Fishes An Electro-Accordion Pyrate Puppet Sea Odyssey
    Jollyship the Whiz-Bang, Pyrate Puppet Rock Opera Consortium, continues their ongoing live musical sea saga with Sleepless Fishes, episode five of an eventual 10. Sleepless . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 25, 2002
    (Fringe Festival 2002)

      Josephine - The Josephine Baker Story
    In her final years, the famous black singer/dancer Josephine Baker suffered struggles, financial difficulties and poor health. Without enough money to keep her family ("rainbow . . . (more)

    Closed Sept. 6, 2003

      The Journey of the Fifth Horse
    Journey, based on "The Diary of a Superfluous Man," a short story by Ivan Turgenev, is a heart-wrenching drama about the unrequited love in the parallel lives of two different . . . (more)
    Smatter Theatre Ensemble

    Closed Aug. 25, 2002
    (Fringe Festival 2002)


      The Joys Of Sex: A Naughty New Musical Revue
    Read the Offoffoff review
    A comic musical romp from foreplay to fireworks. With songs like The Three Way, The Vault, and Intercourse on the Internet, this dirty show is good clean fun. The only thing . . . (more)

    Opened Jan. 1, 2004


      The Joys Of Sex: A Naughty New Musical Revue
    Read the Offoffoff review
    A comic musical romp from foreplay to fireworks. With songs like The Three Way, The Vault, and Intercourse on the Internet, this dirty show is good clean fun. The only thing . . . (more)

    Closed Oct. 30, 2001

    some of New York City's most outstanding female performers give us a glimpse into their upcoming one-person shows. Treat yourself to a diverse evening filled with smart, . . . (more)

    Closed Dec. 20, 2009

      Juan and John
    It’s 1965 and there’s a riot going on. Watts and Vietnam are burning. So is La Republica Dominicana. In San Francisco, it’s the Giants vs. the Dodgers. Juan Marichal vs. . . . (more)

    Closed June 13, 2004

      Julianne Caesar
    Different Gender, Same Result At the tony all-female Connie Francis College in Southern California the school's production of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar has sparked a very . . . (more)
    OverDrive Productions

    Closed Aug. 22, 2008
    (Fringe Festival 2008)

      Julius Caesar
    A peoples tyrant. A virtuous assassin. A conspiracy to dethrone a God. In a modern Rome of blood-stained hands and savage mobs, Brutus is a patriot without an exit strategy. . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed Aug. 14, 2004

      Julius Caesar
    You've seen him in the movies, even in a fancy proscenium stage, now it's time to see Shakespeare in the Park(ing) Lot. Shakespeare in the Park(ing) Lot. has carved an . . . (more)
    Ludlow Ten (Shakespeare in the Parking Lot)

    Closed March 2, 2003

      Julius Caesar
    Citizens are jailed and a writ of habeas corpus denied. The leader pushes through draconian laws. Dissent becomes unpatriotic. 21st Century America? Caesar's Rome? JULIUS . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed Aug. 25, 2002
    (Fringe Festival 2002)

    Two women's lives violently intersect when one's suicidal husband jumps off a bridge and crashes through the other's kitchen ceiling. A new dark comedy about blindness, . . . (more)

    Closed Dec. 22, 2002

      Just Like a Man & Today I Am Feeling a Bit Less Cynical
    JUST LIKE A MAN: personal anecdotes, confessions and other tall tales is a solo hybrid performance piece exploring what it means to be a man. Directed by Maureen Brennan, . . . (more)

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    Past events starting with: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 0-9