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    2008-2009 reviews:
  • Anaïs Nin Goes To Hell
  • beast: a parable
  • Blanche Survives Katrina in a FEMA Trailer Named Desire
  • Blasted
  • Buffalo Gal
  • China: The Whole Enchilada
  • The Corn Maiden
  • Crawl, Fade to White
  • Doruntine
  • Extraordinary Rendition
  • The First Breeze of Summer
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  • The Glass Cage
  • Hair
  • Hidden Fees* (A Play About Money)
  • Jailbait
  • King of Shadows
  • The Longest Running Joke of the Twentieth Century
  • Lucasville: The Untold Story of a Prison Uprising
  • Macbeth
  • The Master Builder
  • Missa Solemnis, or The Play About Henry
  • Mourn the Living Hector
  • A Nasty Story
  • Nowadays
  • the october crisis (to laura)
  • Oresteia
  • Other Bodies
  • Prayer
  • Psalms of a Questionable Nature
  • Raised by Lesbians
  • Reasonable Doubt
  • Sleepwalk With Me
  • Small Craft Warnings
  • Something Weird . . . in the Red Room
  • Soul Samurai
  • The Sound of One Hanna Clapping
  • Southern Promises
  • The Third from the Left
  • Twelfth Night
  • Voices from Guantánamo
  • The Wendigo
  • Zombie


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    Closed Aug. 23, 2008
    (Fringe Festival 2008)

    Present-day New York, "Galatea" weaves together a retired fireman and his wife, with a neurotic, obsessive sculptress. First impressions can be misleading. Galatea is an . . . (more)

    Closed May 19, 2002


      Galaxy Video
    Read the Offoffoff review
    Enter Galaxy Video an hour before closing time, when your average video store turns into a playground for the eclectic employees and customers. Russel (rebel) is a . . . (more)

    Closed March 23, 2002

      Galaxy Video
    GALAXY VIDEO is the ultimate cinematic adventure brought to the stage. Writer and Director Marc Morales passion for horror, comedy, musicals, romance and special effects is . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 25, 2002
    (Fringe Festival 2002)

      Game Legs
    Game Legs is a post modern deconstructionist rant on the themes of disability. The play traces one young man's journey from birth to early adulthood as he struggles to come to . . . (more)

    Closed March 26, 2002

      Games in a Birdbath
    A fun-filled, thought-provoking, thoroughly entertaining evening featuring the work of David Ives, "Sure Thing" and "Fugue or the Art of Foreplay", Dennis E. Noble, "A Game", . . . (more)

    Closed Dec. 21, 2008

      Gang of Seven
    "Gang of Seven," a new comedy by Jim Neu, rips the lid off the dynamics, delusions, and dangers of the focus group movement sweeping across America. The play cunningly . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 20, 2008
    (Fringe Festival 2008)

      Gargoyle Garden
    Edgar Allen Densmore is a weird, lonely little boy who has trouble fitting in at the Piedmont Private School. Spending his time alone up in the decaying rooftop garden, he one . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed Aug. 25, 2002
    (Fringe Festival 2002)

    "What if the dark, dangerous and seductive women of myth, legend and history assembled together? What would they do, say and be?" Grung dives into an old world landscape of lush . . . (more)

    Closed Feb. 24, 2002

      The Gates of Hell
    "The Gates of Hell" by Robert Kornfeld is a cinematic-styled war story, a thriller, a love story and a psychological mystery play. The work describes a challenge to . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 24, 2003

      The Geldings
    The Widow Claire wants Handsome Flem Gelding and Flem desperately wants to oblige but, Flem's got noTHE GELDINGS, a romantic farce set in the mythical American West. Features . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed Aug. 23, 2008
    (Fringe Festival 2008)

      GEM! A Truly Outrageous Parody
    Battle of the Bands! Join 80's cartoon icon GEM as she battles evil rockers to save her totally tubular orphanage from foreclosure! Will rock-n-roll, hope, and a hologram machine . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed Aug. 26, 2001


      Gene De Tueur
    Read the Offoffoff review
    Performed in French. A real sci-fi French play! We're in 2800. At the age of 4, during a systematic genetic screening, Tyron's future criminal tendancy was detected. Today for . . . (more)

    Closed Dec. 22, 2002

      The General from America
    Commissioned by the Royal Shakespeare Company where it premiered in 1996, The General from America is set during the American Revolution. Benedict Arnold was America's greatest . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed Dec. 1, 2002

    The first production of a play by veteran journalist Nicholas von Hoffman. It is a powerful two-act drama in which an attractive, ambitious, black, 40-something woman executive . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 4, 2001
    (Ice Factory '01)

      Gentlemen Volunteers
    Two American ambulance drivers and two European nurses meet in war-torn France during World War I. A love story in the tradition of "Casablanca". (See details)

    Closed May 23, 2009

      The Geographical History of America
    I am I because my little dog knows me . . . Are you sure, Gertrude? In this new adaptation of Stein’s humorously dizzying novel. The Geographical History of America, . . . (more)
    Human Group

    Closed Aug. 20, 2008
    (Fringe Festival 2008)

      George the Fourth
    When Diana brings home yet another fianc to seek her acerbic parents approval, she doesnt anticipate quite so much honesty from all involved. A comedy this dark will make you . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed March 27, 2004

      Get Up and Jive: Even More Songs of Joni Mitchell
    "There's drag and then there's transformation through spiritual osmosis, and that's what John Kelly accomplishes with this tribute . . . Magnificent." — New York . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 25, 2002
    (Fringe Festival 2002)

      The Ghost of Firs Nikolaich
    Ennui and kvass are abundant in this new Chekhovian satire. An early 20t century family in a remote district of the Russian wilderness try in vain to exorcise the restless spirit . . . (more)

    Closed Dec. 8, 2002


    Read the Offoffoff review
    A New Translation By Lanford Wilson (See details)

    Closed Oct. 3, 2008
    (New York Musical Theatre Festival 2008)

      Giant Killer Shark
    Book, Music, and Lyrics by Sam Sutherland A killer shark stalks the residents of a copyright-protected island through late-night skinny-dipping, a rapping fisherman, a break . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 25, 2002
    (Fringe Festival 2002)

      Giants Have Us In Their Books (Flowers, A Tiger In Central Park, The Winged Man) by Jos Rivera
    A magical exploration of the idea that if humans have giants in their fairy tales, giants must have humans in theirs. Three short plays based on childhood fears, magnified to fit . . . (more)

    Closed April 13, 2003


      The Gift
    Read the Offoffoff review
    Based on a true story, The Gift is a haunting music theatre piece that travels back and forth between 1939 and 1965. An ensemble, stylized voice-and-movement piece, The Gift . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed Feb. 23, 2003


      The Gifted Program
    Read the Offoffoff review
    The teenage angst play that John Hughes always wished he wrote. In 1986, the remaining members of the Dungeon & Dragon's Club are the "in crowd" at a special school for gifted . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed June 30, 2002

    A seven-character, 75-minute chamber opera based on the ancient Sumerian epic about a Babylonian King who, after the death of his friend Enkidu, goes on a search for . . . (more)

    Closed May 18, 2003


      A Girl of Sixteen
    Read the Offoffoff review
    A story of unfulfilled desires from a long ago love affair poisoning the lives surrounding it, the terrible beauty of murder, and the ineffable experience of a girl of sixteen. . . . (more)
    International WOW Company

    Closed Nov. 2, 2002

      Girl on Girl Action
    goga (Girl on Girl Action) showcases their unique improvisational skills. This fall goga takes the "girl on girl" goodness to a whole 'nother level of theatricality and musical . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed Dec. 22, 2002

      The Girl Who Fed Ants
    This story about psychotherapy explores the tranformative power of relationships, between mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, and psychoanalysts and their patients. . . . (more)

    Closed June 21, 2002

    Comic and gal about town Girlbomb hosts this monthly salon of performance, music, written/spoken word, comedy, animation and audience participation. Think Playboy After . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed May 22, 2004

      Giving/Getting Head
    In Giving/Getting Head, King Herod lusts after his stepdaughter Salome, who in turn, lusts after the prophet Jokanaan, who Herod has kept locked away out of fear. Rejected by . . . (more)

    Closed April 28, 2002

    An inquiry into the magnetism and power of art and women. In the summer of 1939 Hitler and the Third Reich had American expatriates leaving their European homes en masse for the . . . (more)

    Closed July 19, 2003


      A Glance at New York
    Read the Offoffoff review
    The first Off-Broadway revival of Benjamin A. Baker's 1848 melodrama A Glance at New York since the end of the Civil War. The original production of this short play which . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed Nov. 2, 2008


      The Glass Cage
    Read the Offoffoff review
    By J.B. Priestley directed by Lou Jacob A spellbinding drama about the danger of family wounds left unattended. "This is mystery and suspense of a very special kind, with . . . (more)
    Mint Theater Company

    Closed April 17, 2002

      The Godfadda Workout: A Parody in 12 Rounds
    Vito, Santino, Fredo, Michael, Tom, Kay, Luca, and even Moes EyeMario brought these names into the lexiconFrancis gave them lifeNow, Seth Isler is bringing them to the stage . . . (more)

    Closed Nov. 30, 2008

    The internationally renowned Korean dancer/choreographer Sin Cha Hong will perform the American debut of her "Godot," a solo dance drama inspired by Beckett's classic, . . . (more)

    Closed Nov. 8, 2003

      Goethe's Faust, Parts I and II
    Target Margin Theater, keepers of the downtown "avant-flame," tackle select excerpts in an exciting new translation of Goethe's sprawling epic, Faust, Parts I and II. See what . . . (more)
    Target Margin

    Closed Dec. 16, 2001

      Going to Bordeaux
    Directed by Gus Smythe and set in a coastal village in present-day Maine, the play introduces us to Vincent, a 40-something artist who feels life has passed him by. Once an . . . (more)

    Closed April 6, 2003

      The Golden Bear
    Michael Gold's famed Novel, "Jews Without Money" (1930), has been adapted for the stage by Laurel Hessing as "The Golden Bear," a play with songs, with lyrics by Laurel Hessing . . . (more)

    Closed Oct. 27, 2001

    By Adam Jortner. How can we Never Forget if we weren't there to remember it in the first place? The descendants of a Holocaust survivor search for her legacy, and their own. . . . (more)

    Closed March 30, 2003

      Golem Stories
    A new interpretation of the Jewish legend of the golem, a man made from clay to protect the Jewish people, will premiere as part of Spotlight On's Winter into Spring Festival. . . . (more)

    Closed Nov. 2, 2003


      Gone Missing
    Read the Offoffoff review
    The Civilians, one of Downtown's most acclaimed new theater companies, adds a new wrinkle to the reality show idea with their latest creation, Gone Missing. Both documentary . . . (more)
    The Civilians

    Closed Nov. 23, 2003

      The Good Daughter
    An epic story about a father, his three daughters and the twists and turns of the unpredictable Missouri River. This world premiere drama by D.W. Gregory hails from New Jersey . . . (more)
    New Jersey Rep

    Closed Aug. 20, 2008
    (Fringe Festival 2008)

      Good Pictures
    Good Pictures charts the course of one bloody night in an upstate town jail, where an ailing immigrant and a young hustler construct an uneasy alliance and a desperate escape . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 24, 2003

      Gotham Standards
    World War II Generation vs. Gen X, losing a loved one, how we choose to live our lives, our influences, and who was the best Batman. " . . . poignant, hilarious, revealing, and . . . (more)

    Closed Dec. 17, 2001

      Grace's Curse
    The Actors Playground proudly presents a peak into the great Ella Stadlers Master Class, known as "Graces Curse." I mean, call me crazy, but does this really . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 25, 2002
    (Fringe Festival 2002)

      Graceful Living
    Living in Lively Meadows-Graceful Living for the Lower Middle Class is not all finger food parties, manicured lawns and newly wedded bliss. Three young wives try to keep up . . . (more)

    Closed Sept. 28, 2002

      Graham Norton in Red-Handed
    Graham Norton has become the most popular entertainment presenter on British television with numerous awards to prove it. His comedy talk show has garnered much praise and has . . . (more)

    Closed May 10, 2003

      Graham Norton: Red-Handed
    The man who put the 'out' in outrageous, Graham Norton is back by popular demand! Graham Norton: Red-Handed returns to New York for a special limited run following a . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 14, 2002

    A bristling autobiographical ride through the life of a twice-married, now widowed, mother of three from Brooklyn, New York. From her Irish Catholic childhood as one of 17 . . . (more)

    Closed Nov. 27, 2003

      Grandmotherfucker Thursdays
    Internationally acclaimed comedienne and performer Pat Candaras, a.k.a. Grandmotherfucker will host a new weekly night of comedy and on-the-edge performance at the newly . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 22, 2008
    (Fringe Festival 2008)

      Gratuitous Novelty: A locked away cabaret
    Eat, gag, cut, bleedcope with usget your need! Step right up! Its the company dubbed hilariously depraved Ballet-Dance Magazine. An abused circus explores the tightrope . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed Sept. 21, 2008

      A Grave for Sister Agatha
    This world-premiere of a new play by Robert Crafford uses the bar play genre to introduce some raucous and raunchy patrons who use wit like a round-house punch. But the bar is a . . . (more)

    Closed Feb. 15, 2009

      Great Hymn of Thanksgiving/Conversation Storm
    Around a dinner table, three actor/musicians sing, pray, beat forks, deliver the news, and snap between scenes in mid-sentence in GREAT HYMN OF THANKSGIVING, a brutal . . . (more)

    Closed April 11, 2004


      Great Men of Gospel
    Read the Offoffoff review
    Follows the evolution of gospel music in America, celebrating those foundations of music in the world today. Featuring an internationally-acclaimed cast performing a repertoire . . . (more)

    Closed Dec. 30, 2009

      The Great Recession
    An evening of short plays that explore the impact of the current economic crisis on the younger generation. Performed by The Bats, the resident acting company of The Flea, the . . . (more)
    The Bats

    Closed Oct. 17, 2002

      The Great Show Show Show: Live from Space!
    The clowns of John Brown Theatre are pleased to announce a migration of their Great Show Show Show!! to Chashama on 42nd St. for selected upcoming Thursdays. The Great Show . . . (more)

    Closed March 30, 2002

      The Great Show Show Show
    New York's Worst Acts Plus New York's Stupidest Performers Equals New York's Funniest Show! A monthly juggernaut of comedy from John Brown Theatre, the Makers of Frankenclown. (See details)

    Closed Feb. 1, 2002

      The Great Show Show Show
    New York's Worst Acts Plus New York's Stupidest Performers Equals New York's Funniest Show! A monthly juggernaut of comedy from John Brown Theatre, the Makers of Frankenclown. (See details)

    Closed Aug. 23, 2008
    (Fringe Festival 2008)

      green eyes
    How do you best tell a story of young love in the modern age? A musical? A dance? A love song? Journey through an intense, conflicted, uniquely modern relationship told in . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed Aug. 24, 2003

      Greetings From Planet Girl
    Straight outta Boston: songs, skits and gams. Five wicked funny space vixens invade your mind with practical advice on genital maintenance; the tender love of cutlery; why Dubya . . . (more)

    Closed Nov. 8, 2003

    The cast of Grindhouse-A-Go-Go! will be re-uniting for ONE night only. You know, the series was kinda stopped dead in its tracks back in February '02, and I just never felt like . . . (more)

    Closed Jan. 26, 2002

      Gringa Loca
    Short Personality Questionairre: 1. Are you willing to: a. teach philosophy to oversexed teenagers in Quito,Ecuador? b. drink toilet water? c. take a fieldtrip to a . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 24, 2003

    The music of Prokofiev raises the curtain on Grung, seven women enter and the revelry begins. Sharp, sweeping, sexy expressionism wrapped in highly stylized movement and . . . (more)

    Closed March 25, 2002

    Warplanes are bombing the hell out of the suburbs. The Hendersons colonial is now a smoking crater. All thats left are questions. Is it the end of the world or the . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed Aug. 24, 2003

      Gulag Ha Ha
    A study in prison deformation. The clown/absurdist/get-away-from-my-children motif which won this bi-coastal company the Best of San Francisco Fringe, 2002. Watch the tedium of . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed March 23, 2003

      Gun Club
    Outside, it is a dark comedy; inside, it is a tangled, edgy, and ultimately, tragic play. The setting is Yakima, Washington, a small orchard town east of the Cascades. A . . . (more)

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