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  • Anaïs Nin Goes To Hell
  • beast: a parable
  • Blanche Survives Katrina in a FEMA Trailer Named Desire
  • Blasted
  • Buffalo Gal
  • China: The Whole Enchilada
  • The Corn Maiden
  • Crawl, Fade to White
  • Doruntine
  • Extraordinary Rendition
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  • Lucasville: The Untold Story of a Prison Uprising
  • Macbeth
  • The Master Builder
  • Missa Solemnis, or The Play About Henry
  • Mourn the Living Hector
  • A Nasty Story
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  • the october crisis (to laura)
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  • Raised by Lesbians
  • Reasonable Doubt
  • Sleepwalk With Me
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  • Soul Samurai
  • The Sound of One Hanna Clapping
  • Southern Promises
  • The Third from the Left
  • Twelfth Night
  • Voices from Guantánamo
  • The Wendigo
  • Zombie


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    Closed Aug. 25, 2002
    (Fringe Festival 2002)

      da kink in my hair
    Through uncensored monologues, humor, and dub poetry, "da kink provides an intimate look into the lives of Black womyn, giving voice to the "voiceless." Themes explored include . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 24, 2003

      Daddy Kathryn
    Come see a prominent Houston family in "Daddy Kathryn", a comedy about a gay son's wacky relationship with his newly outed transvestite father. Based on a true story, it's . . . (more)

    Closed June 9, 2002

      Dancing at Lughnasa
    See details.
    Official site

    Closed Aug. 26, 2001

      Dancing with Soul
    Eloquence Performance Company presents Dancing with Soul, a show full of spirit and sensation, with dances relating to lust, rape, anger, and the joy of movement. (See details)

    Closed Dec. 21, 2002

      Dangerous Liaisons
    In the timeless world of Dangerous Liaisons, letters are deployed as weapons in a brutal game of seduction and revenge. Sarah Merteuil, jilted by her lover, enlists the aid . . . (more)

    Closed Sept. 21, 2002

      Dark Dizayz
    Dark Dizayz is an absolutely absurd play that is part "Pimps Up, Ho's Down", a Vanilla Ice "Behind the Music" episode and the classic film "Vampire in Brooklyn". Individually . . . (more)

    Closed Jan. 20, 2002


      Daughter of a Pacifist Soldier
    Read the Offoffoff review
    "Daughter of a Pacifist Soldier" by Tamar Rogoff ("Demeter's Daughter") is a full-length, multidisciplinary performance piece that explores the . . . (more)

    Closed Sept. 29, 2001

      The Daughters of Selene
    An interdisciplinary romp through time and space. Eight characters evolve in their own worlds then collide and intersect: a heroic wartime nurse, a Joan of Arc fighting her own . . . (more)

    Opened Oct. 26, 2004

      Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure
    Journey to the wildest places on the World Wide Web in the riotously funny, smash hit Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure. Driven by a lust for life and a desperate desire to . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed Dec. 6, 2008

    DAWN revolves around Hampton, an abusive alcoholic who has completely alienated his wife and children. Can he stop drinking and make up for the past, even amidst some very dark . . . (more)

    Closed Nov. 18, 2001

      The Day You'll Love Me (El Dia Que Me Quieras)
    This masterpiece of Latin American theater, set in 1935, in Caracas, Venezuela, portrays how the reality and dreams of a traditional family are transformed by the arrival of . . . (more)

    Closed March 23, 2003

      Dead Man's Socks
    Modern-day tales of love and melancholia swirl in a fluid, heady concoction of punk rock in "Dead Man's Socks," the newest play by Ma-Yi Theater Company, written and directed by . . . (more)

    Closed Feb. 23, 2002

      Dead Tech
    Dear Friend, Things are going badly. I've got this young buck crawling up my ass. Then there's the sweet young thing who's been hitting on me. She's obsessed. Aline is . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed Jan. 27, 2002

      The Deal
    Nuyorican Poets Cafe has snagged Dublin director Conall Morrison for The Deal, a new one-act play about terrorism by Gyavira Lasana. Morrisons current staging at the Abbey of . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 24, 2003

      Dear Charlotte
    An ensemble drama about the author of Jane Eyre. Her choices were simple: Become a wife. Become a governess. Or die in obscurity. Charlotte Bront' chose to live forever. "As . . . (more)

    Closed April 20, 2003


      Dear Prudence
    Read the Offoffoff review
    Susan Kathryn Hefti's domestic comedy about a lovable nymphomaniac, her assorted suitors and the long-suffering roommates with whom she shares a crowded New York walk-up . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 25, 2002
    (Fringe Festival 2002)

      Death in the City
    Straight from each morning's obituaries, fascinating New Yorkers are resurrected before they are cold in the ground. Lose your comfortable distance from death in the city as we . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 25, 2002
    (Fringe Festival 2002)

      The Death of Frank
    A linguistically complex journey through the lives of four people in search of identity and love, farming and violence. What do you do when words just aren't enough, and the love . . . (more)

    Closed Sept. 13, 2008

      The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner
    Due to an overwhelming response at the New York International Fringe Festival, playing to sold out houses and voted Critic's Pick from Time Out NY, The Death of the Ball Turret . . . (more)

    Closed Feb. 15, 2003


      Debbie Does Dallas
    Read the Offoffoff review
    You may have heard of the film, you may have even seen it but, no matter what, this first-ever live performance of DEBBIE DOES DALLAS will knock your socks off, as well as any . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 26, 2001


      Debbie Does Dallas
    Read the Offoffoff review
    You may have heard of the film, you may have even seen it but, no matter what, this first-ever live performance of DEBBIE DOES DALLAS will knock your socks off, as well as any . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 26, 2001

      Deep in the Jeeps of Georgia
    BonBock's critically acclaimed playwright/ designer Alex Dawson returns to FringeNYC (after winning an award for OVERALL EXCELLENCE last year) with a brutal social satire set in . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 24, 2003

      Deep Stories: From the Notebooks of Richard Foreman
    Don't operate under the delusion that description equals meaningfulness, writes Piia. But who is the man in the hat? Why did the glamorous woman leave wearing rose-colored . . . (more)

    Closed Feb. 8, 2004

      Defenses of Prague
    A new play by Sophia Murashkovsky, directed by the Obie-winning and Tony-nominated playwright Leslie Lee. It is a fast paced, shifting story of revenge set among the gypsies . . . (more)

    Closed Jan. 31, 2004


      Demon Baby
    Read the Offoffoff review
    An American couple, Art and Wren, move to London for his work where the she knows few people, and misses home . . . a lot. While he's away she is spurred to extreme . . . (more)
    Clubbed Thumb

    Closed Aug. 25, 2002
    (Fringe Festival 2002)

      The Dentist or Be Careful What You Put in Your Mouth
    With bedtime stories by French maids, magic candy from flying witches, succulent borscht from the Dells of Wisconsin, and a healthy dose of uncontrolled nymphomania and . . . (more)

    Closed April 13, 2003


      Depth of Sight
    Read the Offoffoff review
    A triptych consisting of three short plays, DEPTH OF SIGHT examines the complexities of how we perceive the unknown. DEPTH OF SIGHT starts its engines with the adrenaline . . . (more)

    Closed April 3, 2003

      Depth of Sight
    A triptych consisting of three short plays, DEPTH OF SIGHT examines the complexities of how we perceive the unknown. DEPTH OF SIGHT starts its engines with the adrenaline . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 24, 2003

      Deranged Chronicles
    Ten characters, ten hilarious monologues about love, hate, vengeance, sex and vomiting. A Deranged Chronicle of 21st century inhibitions. A multi-award winning show featuring an . . . (more)

    Closed Dec. 23, 2001

    An abandoned office. Two mens desire for recognition. Invisible French back zipper. Chashama presents Desk, a new play written by Aaron Landsman, performed by Landsman with . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed Aug. 26, 2001

      Desmond or Abraham and Frances
    Philadelphia built houses on quicksand. The sidewalk buckles, the wall bulges, the floor arches its back, and family fault lines rupture pitting Desmond, Abraham, and Frances . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 25, 2002
    (Fringe Festival 2002)


    Read the Offoffoff review
    Enter the outlaw world of rebel erotica, where sexual misfits are free to roam the landscape of their most secret fantasies. Deviant follows self-proclaimed, "Perverts" searching . . . (more)

    Closed Jan. 19, 2003

      The Devils of Loudun
    A multilayered chamber piece about mass possession, sin, and redemption, inspired by Aldous Huxley's historical treatise. The story centers on a group of 17th century Ursuline . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed Aug. 24, 2003

      Diagnosis: Jew Pain (slideshow of a Life in Progress)
    A farcical and off-kilter coming of age story that explores racial and sexual identity. Comic performer Michael Feldman inhabits over fifteen characters as he recounts growing up . . . (more)

    Closed June 27, 2004

      Dial M for Murder
    Former tennis pro Tony Wendice is married to the wealthy Margot so that he can maintain a comfortable lifestyle with little effort.When Tony discovers that Margot is having an . . . (more)
    Theater by the Blind

    Closed Nov. 29, 2009

      The Diary of Anne Frankenstein
    THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANKENSTEIN follows Anne, a lowly hermaphroditic Franken-girl (and her companion diary), as she comes of age in the attic of an abandoned genetics laboratory . . . (more)

    Closed Nov. 25, 2001

      Dick Play
    another bad taste sex comedy from Jack Bump, the downtown vulgarian who wrote last year's popular, if obscene, "Sport-Fuckers." Whereas "Sport-Fuckers" was a . . . (more)

    Closed March 2, 2003

      Dido (& Aeneas)
    A musical drama based on Henry Purcell and Nahum Tates baroque chamber opera of the same name. The libretto has been adapted by director Cara Reichel and dramaturg Roxane . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed April 26, 2009

      La Didone
    St. Ann's Warehouse presents the U.S. premiere of The Wooster Group’s "La Didone," the seminal company's distinctive take on Francesco Cavalli's baroque opera, libretto by . . . (more)
    The Wooster Group

    Closed Aug. 25, 2002
    (Fringe Festival 2002)

      Die Like A Lady or What Barbara Got
    See Babs dance! See Babs die! Alibis and con artists. Low-lifes, thieves and sailors. Oh, and murder. Buy a bus ticket, baby. Jazz, rockabilly and a two-step straight to Quentin. . . . (more)

    Opened Oct. 24, 2003

      The Dilemma of Drugs
    Based on the 1971 drug education filmstrip series of the same name, The Dilemma of Drugs explores the dank, squalid world of drug use . . . complete with slide show . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 24, 2008
    (Fringe Festival 2008)

    South Dakota, hungry bears and a talking rope — Dingbat is a hilarious and heartbreaking story of the discovery of friendship through grief. The Chicago Reader . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed Jan. 18, 2004


      Dinner with Demons
    Read the Offoffoff review
    A tasty tour de food — from a man who really cooks onstage! Playwright, Actor, and NY Times food writer Jonathan Reynolds whips up an entire meal onstage while spinning . . . (more)

    Closed May 12, 2002

      Dionysus Filius Dei
    The Great Jones Repertory in "Dionysus Filius Dei," directed by Ellen Stewart (See details)

    Closed July 21, 2002

      Dirty Work
    Called "the kind of dream that haunts you" by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "Dirty Work" is a tawdry, elaborately low-tech hallucination on themes of age, regret and the art of . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed Sept. 14, 2008
    (1st Irish 2008)

      Disco Pigs
    Pig and Runt are two 17-year-olds who have grown up sharing everything: birthday, language, and worldview. But at that moment when pop songs and life-changing orgasms flash by . . . (more)
    Origin Theatre Co.

    Closed Aug. 24, 2003

      Discordant Duets
    Discordant Duets — the only play in the Festival exploring Christian themes revolves around two couples struggling through troubled relationships on the road to break-up. When . . . (more)

    Closed Feb. 8, 2009

    St. Ann’s Warehouse will present the World Premiere of Disfarmer, Dan Hurlin’s first new object theater work since his award-winning puppet-theater piece, Hiroshima Maiden, . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 25, 2002
    (Fringe Festival 2002)

      Dismiss All The Poets
    Dismiss all the Poets is loosely based on the life of Cuban poet Heberto Padilla, a cultural elite in the early years of the Cuban Revolution. The play follows a poets . . . (more)

    Closed Feb. 12, 2005

      Disposable Men
    This humorous solo work presents a series of interactive monologues demonstrating the flippant irreverence with which the popular media treats the disposability of . . . (more)

    Closed Nov. 30, 2003

      Diss Diss and Diss Dat
    A new Hip-Hop musical based on the music of the Funke Natives, well known Harlem rappers of the late 1980's and early 1990's. Conceived and written by Rajendra Ramoon Maharaj . . . (more)
    New Federal Theatre

    Closed March 24, 2002

      Dissonant Doubles
    A roster of shorts examining the female side of human relationships. Featuring new works by playwrights such as MARIO FRATTI (Broadways "Nine") and MILAN STITT (Broadways "The . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 24, 2003

      Divided We Fall
    urban american commedia from san francisco. The idiot spewing nonsense provokes a war of grotesque antics. Love and mayhem for a lock down world. At this depth of depravity, even . . . (more)

    Closed Sept. 23, 2001

      Division of Memory
    Inspired by the life of Dr. Ernest Everett Just, an African-American developmental biologist who lived and worked in the 1920s and 1930s. In the fever dream of the dying . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed Jan. 10, 2010

      Do Not Go Gentle
    DO NOT GO GENTLE finds the Welsh poet, playwright and author Dylan Thomas in Purgatory, reflecting on the influences in his life that brought him there. From stories of his . . . (more)

    Closed Nov. 10, 2001

      Doctor Faustus
    Puppet version of the Christopher Marlowe classic. (See details)
    Official site

    Closed Aug. 26, 2001

      Doctor Faustus Lights The Lights
    Gertrude Stein's modernist tale of a man who has sold his soul for the power of electric light and a woman who gains equal power while keeping her soul. Stein's language creates . . . (more)

    Closed June 1, 2002

      The Doctor of Rome and The Merchant of Venice
    William Shakespeare's classic play and a newly written sequel by Los Angeles attorney Nat Colley. THE DOCTOR OF ROME picks up eighteen years after Shakespeare's play . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed Nov. 9, 2008

      Documentary: A Suicide Narrative
    "Documentary: A Suicide Narrative" uses testimonial theatre to share the story of a 16-year old suburban high school student trying to find her identity. When Ariel Valeria falls . . . (more)

    Closed July 28, 2002

      Does a Tiger Wear a Necktie?
    A racially charged drama that chronicles the lives of teen drug addicts holed up at an island rehabilitation center. When one hapless English teacher tries to make a difference . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 26, 2001


      Doing Justice
    Read the Offoffoff review
    After the Columbine High School shootings on April 20, 1999, Adina Taubman went to Colorado to interview members of the Columbine community. Drawing on these interviews, Adina . . . (more)

    Closed Nov. 2, 2008

      The Doll Sisters
    In October, 1978 Setsu Asakura, already the most noted stage designer of contemporary Japan, made her La MaMa directing debut with "The Doll Sisters" (Ningyo Shimai) by Taeko . . . (more)

    Closed March 9, 2009

    To mark the fifth anniversary of its premiere at St Ann’s Warehouse, Mabou Mines’ "DollHouse" triumphantly returns to the venue following a long world tour. Based on . . . (more)
    Mabou Mines

    Closed Aug. 26, 2001

      Dolly Darling
    A man living with a doll! Or is he?it is a fantastic journey, full of striking images, through a man's intriguing encounters, both with himself and his surroundings, in a . . . (more)

    Closed May 4, 2002

      Dom Juan
    Moliere's version of the exploits of famous seducer Dom Juan who tests the limits of loyalty, the insistence of love, the bite of hypocrisy, and the supernatural demands of . . . (more)

    Closed April 4, 2004


      Dona Rosita the Spinster
    Read the Offoffoff review
    It is said that the seed for Do — a Rosita was planted long before the play's eventual premiere in 1935. In 1924, Lorca's friend Moreno Villa told him about the "rosa mutabile," a . . . (more)
    Jean Cocteau Repertory

    Closed June 8, 2003

      Door Wide Open
    In January, 1957 Allen Ginsberg set up a blind date between 34 year-old Jack Kerouac and 21 year-old Joyce Johnson. The two began a stormy love affair that lasted for 22 . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 22, 2008
    (Fringe Festival 2008)

      Doppelganger Joe
    What's a doppelganger? Your double. Your look-alike in life. Legend says if you meet, you both perish! This zany show takes you on a suspenseful journey as one asthmatic actress . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed April 14, 2002

    Freud's famous analysis of the adolescent Dora Bauer is the subject of "Dora," a two-hour, two-act opera for nine singers and chamber orchestra by composer Melissa . . . (more)

    Closed Oct. 26, 2008


    Read the Offoffoff review
    A marriage that spurns tradition, an impossible journey on horseback, a brother who defies the grave. Inspired by the Albanian legend as written by Ismail Kadare, DORUNTINE is . . . (more)
    Blessed Unrest

    Closed March 3, 2002

      Double Agency
    "Double Agency" by Peggy Shaw and Lois Weaver (Split Britches), includes two shows: "Miss Risque" (1 hr) and "It's A Small House and We've Lived in It. . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 17, 2008
    (Fringe Festival 2008)

      Down Around Brown Town
    Commemorating the music of James Brown, Down Around Brown Town, is a celebration life driven by music. It exposes a new generation of music lovers to the origins of funk, its . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed July 29, 2001

      Down South
    An outrageous new comedy recalling the innocence and eccentricities of the 1960s, including the Cuban missile crisis, free love, and double coupons. (See details)
    Official site

    Closed Aug. 25, 2002
    (Fringe Festival 2002)

    Dot Com?!? Enron?!? What the hell is going on? DOWNSIZED is a dark comedic glimpse into world of corporate America. Ted, a powerful CEO, summons his two top dogs for an impromptu . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 16, 2008
    (Fringe Festival 2008)

      Dreadful Penny's Exquisite Horrors
    Join us, if you dare, at an uncanny sideshow of longing and desire where all manner of monstrosities are revealed and reveled in. A Chicago cast performs divine grotesqueries, . . . (more)
    Official site

    Opened April 14, 2003

      Dream a Little Dream
    Traces the rise and fall of The Mamas and the Papas, from the folk clubs of Greenwich Village, to the acid-soaked heights of stardom in LA, to the flowering of the hippie . . . (more)

    Closed Nov. 2, 2003

      Dream on Monkey Mountain
    DREAM ON MONKEY MOUNTAIN tells the story of a lonely old man who experiences a messianic vision to save all the peoples stolen and then lost in the Americas. His quest for a new . . . (more)
    Official site

    Closed March 3, 2002


      Dream Star Cafe
    Read the Offoffoff review
    Into a Western-style bar in Waukegan, Illinois walks a charismatic older man — a prosperous horseman named Ralph — who purports to be a buyer for the business. The proprietors of . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 24, 2003


    Read the Offoffoff review
    Seven Lecoq-trained performers use mime, buffoonery and storytelling to create the grotesque universe of Cracker Valley and its vicious Annual Friendly Water Conservation . . . (more)

    Closed March 17, 2002


      Drummer Wanted
    Read the Offoffoff review
    A personal-injury-case musical, "Drummer Wanted" follows the story of a 29-year-old loner drummer who lives at home with his mother. He has been hit by a car, injuring his leg. . . . (more)

    Closed Dec. 23, 2001


      Drummer Wanted
    Read the Offoffoff review
    A personal-injury-case musical, "Drummer Wanted" follows the story of a 29-year-old loner drummer who lives at home with his mother. He has been hit by a car, injuring . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 25, 2002
    (Fringe Festival 2002)

    Set between 3AM and dawn in NYC's East Village, heroin addict Brendon desperately attempts to make a buy from his new dealer while encountering Uptown chicks, runaways, a . . . (more)

    Closed Aug. 5, 2001

      The Duchess of Malfi
    How dangerous is your desire? The Duchess of Malfi quickly learns how dangerous a forbidden love can be. The Ruler of Malfi, after the death of her husband, is forbidden by her . . . (more)

    Closed June 29, 2003

      The Duchess: a.k.a. Wallis Simpson
    From the pen of award-winning playwright Linda Griffiths comes the Toronto hit in its United States premier directed by Stephen Wargo. This is the kaleidoscopic true tale of . . . (more)
    Personal Space Theatrics

    Closed Aug. 25, 2002
    (Fringe Festival 2002)

    Trapped in an air conditioning duct, a Chicago monologist turned mother contemplates the cracks in the mythology of American Motherhood. She discovers lust, flatulence, human . . . (more)

    Closed April 28, 2002

      The Dumb Dancer
    Asis Currimbhoy, "The Dumb Dancer," directed by Ellen Stewart (See details)

    Closed Nov. 18, 2001

      Dumrul and Azrael, The Angel of Death
    A music-theater adaptation of a tale from the Book of Dedem Korkut. Deli Dumrul sets up a bridge over a brook. One day, he comes across the dead body of a young man. He dares . . . (more)

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    Past events starting with: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 0-9