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    Uncomfortably 'Nam

    The stories of six women who served in Vietnam — full of shattered expectations, desperate encounters, and the anguish of the war zone — are unforgettably recounted in "A Piece of My Heart."


    The voices of women who served in Vietnam get heard in this play, which should appeal to anyone lamenting the cancellation of the "China Beach" TV show. The experiences of six women (three nurses, one USO entertainer, one Red Cross worker and one intelligence officer) before, during and after the war are vividly played out here through compelling performances and minimal staging.

    Written by: Shirley Lauro.
    Directed by: Nancy S. Chu.
    Based on the book by: Keith Walker.
    Cast: Marc Diraison, Amy McKenna, Marco Jo Clate, Robin Dawn Arocha, Sarah Sims, Christine Rodgers, Gisela Adisa.
    Among several suitcases that serve as everything from airplane seats to wounded patients, the stories unspool. We hear how each woman decides to go to Vietnam. Each woman has expectations, such as the army nurse who thinks she's going to be assigned to Hawaii and the singer-guitarist who thinks touring the 'Nam will be an expense-paid career boost. Once they arrive in country their dreams of storybook service are shattered by the harrowing realities of war.

    The chaos of life during wartime gets somewhat shrilly conveyed by the actresses. There's a lot of screaming going on as they try to cope with the endless stream of wounded and grim working conditions. Almost all the women find refuge in booze and pot and the arms of various men. (The by-the-book Vassar grad working for the Red Cross won't break the rules and sleep with an enlisted man who's pressuring her and this makes for a fiery confrontation.) The scene depicting the attack on the army hospital during the Tet offensive is a truly scary one and is one of the most effective moments in the play.

    They all return home from Vietnam but have to grapple with new problems such as alcoholism and Agent Orange poisoning and there is a palpable feeling of some redemption that comes from a visit to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. What works most about "A Piece Of My Heart" is that you feel you get to know these women and your heart goes out to them. A most effective anti-war statement, this play is a vibrant testament to the women's Vietnam experience.

    AUGUST 19, 2001

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