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      2001 Radio Festival
    Making waves

    The Museum of Television and Radio's 2001 Radio Festival features appearances and live broadcasts by New York favorites from WPLJ to WFMU.


    The Museum of Television and Radio celebrates the magic of the audio airwaves during this year's Radio Festival. You'll get a chance to see some local radio favorites broadcast in the flesh at the musuem and there'll be some special programs as well.

    Cast: Laura Cantrell, Belinda and Hova, Glen Jones (WFMU), Jo Maeder (Z100), Diane Prior, Pete Fornatale (WKTU), Dave Herman, Jim Kerr, Carol Miller, Tony Pigg, Pat St. John (WPLJ), Dan Ingram (WCBS), Epi and Danny (WCAA), Jay Thomas (WTJM)..
    On Saturday October 20 and 27, the museum hosts N.Y. Radio Day featuring "The Legend of Sleepy Halloween," a radio-drama workshop for children nine and over, (workshops are $5 per participant, space is limited, please call 212-621-6600 to reserve tickets), a chance to experiment with the museum's collection of antique sound effects, a chat about how to get started in radio with Z100's Jo Maeder and WKTU's Diane Prior and Pete Fornatale's renowned "Mixed Bag" program will feature live music.

    On October 19, radio and TV legend Zacherle hosts a special pre-Halloween screening of F.W. Murnau's silent classic, "Nosferatu." There'll be series of seminars including Thirty Years of 'PLJ on Monday, October 22, which celebrates the rock station's three decades of broadcasting. Favorite WPLJ DJs such as Dave Herman, Jim Kerr, Carol Miller, Tony Pigg and Pat St. John are scheduled to appear.

      WFMU DJ Laura Cantrell (with BBC great John Peel). in 2001 Radio Festival
      WFMU DJ Laura Cantrell (with BBC great John Peel).
    On Thursday, October 25, WABC-AM legend Dan Ingram stops by for a conversation to talk about his many years on the air (he's currently a DJ at WCBS-FM).

    WFMU Saturday-morning favorites Belinda and Hova will be braodcasting their "Greasy Kid Stuff" show — featuring children's music for kids of all ages — from the musuem's Mark Goodson theater on Saturday, October 27.

    Throughout the festival there will be live broadcasts from the museum with radio personalities such as NPR/New York Times film critic Elvis Mitchell, WTJM's Jay Thomas, WCAA's Epi and Danny and WFMU favorites Laura Cantrell (hosting her "Radio Thrift Shop") and Glen Jones (who broke the Guinness World Record for longest consecutive broadcast). Tune in, turn on and drop in!

    OCTOBER 21, 2001

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