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  • Interview: Eric Foner on freedom
  • Interview: George McGovern on Vietnam, Iraq and the election of 1972
  • Interview: Maurice Isserman on the 1960s, Vietnam and Iraq
  • Interview: Thomas Keck on judicial activism and the conservative Supreme Court
  • Interview: Bard O'Neill on Insurgency and Terrorism and the Iraq War


    Offoffoff Opinion

    Interview: George McGovern

    Former presidential candidate George McGovern is the subject of a new documentary that brings the issues of 1972 back to prominence during a time when they're as relevant as they ever were.
    Interview: Thomas Keck

    Although President Bush has praised conservative judges for their "judicial restraint" and promised to nominate more justices like Antonin Scalia, constitutional scholar Thomas Keck argues that this is the most activist Supreme Court in history.
    Interview: Bard O'Neill

    An expert on insurgencies talks about what history tells us about rebellions like the one in Iraq, why the U.S. seemed unprepared for the violent opposition there, and why the killing might not stop for decades.
    Interview: Eric Foner

    Columbia Professor Eric Foner talks about our ideas of freedom from early America to the current election.
    Interview: Maurice Isserman

    Hamilton College Professor Maurice Isserman, co-author of "America Divided," talks about the societal ruptures of the Vietnam War and Iraq War eras.

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