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      Robert Miles
    Big night for Miles-philes

    Italian-born dance-music innovator Robert Miles plays his mood-inducing electronic sounds in a late-night club gig.


    Electronic-music creator Robert Miles crafts sublime, intricate modern music. Cinematic in scope yet not so complex as to be unapproachable, the tracks put together by this talented Italy-based composer seduce the brain into a transcendent state. There's rhythm enough for moving around, but a Robert Miles track can be just as well appreciated by kicking back and treating your ears to a deep listen.

    Robert Miles.

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    Perhaps best known for his international 1996 mega-hit "Children," Miles has recently released "Organik" (Shakti Records), a collection of just over an hour's worth of sonic sumptuousity, perfect for immersing yourself in after they had muddled your brain. Working with musical luminaries such as Bill Laswell, Trilok Gurtu and Nitin Sawhney as well as the London Session Orchestra, Miles has mapped out a winding aural journey for the listener. Tracks such as "Wrong" and "It's All Coming Back" are great soundtracks to films not yet made, yet the story unfolds in your mind as the music unfolds.

    Miles is quite a pivotal figure in the dance-music scene of Italy: around 1996, clubs in Northern Italy would often play very hard, aggressive styles of dance music, winding up the clubgoers so much that on their way home they would drive recklesssly and crash their cars, resulting in many deaths. Miles and a few other Djs sought to do something about this and crafted a new style of dance music — one that was more melodic. This new style, dubbed "dream music," became increasingly popular and post-club deaths decreased.

    Catching him at Demerara should be a great way to experience his music. Other DJs will be spinnning, namely Twilo's Justin Dixon and Yelllow Rat Bastard's Boon, so be sure to wear breatheable fabrics and comfy shoes.

    JULY 19, 2001

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