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    On the strada again

    Two Italian women hit the road and find friendship and strange stories in the uneven "Venti."


    "If you can count twelve stars for twelve nights, on the last night you'll dream of your soulmate," says Beatriz.

    Directed by: Marco Pozzi.
    Written by: Marco Pozzi, Andrea Bempensante.
    Cast: Anita Caprioli, Cecilia Dazzi, Ivano Marescotti, Rocco Barbaro, Andrea Pezzi, Alessandro Cremona, Sabrina Corabi, Giorgio Centamore, Walter Leonardi, Luis Molteni, Guglielmo Menconi, Mike Bongiorno.
    In Italian with English subtitles.
    Williamsburg Brooklyn Film Festival 2000
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  • Venti
  • 2001 festival
  • "Twelve stars for twelve consecutive nights?" says Eva. "That doesn't sound difficult."

    "It is difficult," cautions Beatriz.

    Difficult but not impossible. Some kind of fate, star-borne or not, seems to have brought these two together — Beatriz (Anita Caprioli), the fetching porn actress who speaks in a curious sort of cheery Spanish-tinged Italian and only makes love scenes with women, and Eva (Cecilia Dazzi), the introspective TV-news assistant who comes for an interview and leaves with a best buddy.

    "Venti" is not an everyday buddy movie, though.

    While Beatriz and Eva cross Italy by car, they also stumble across a series of oddball vignettes — almost all featuring the same bald, demented-looking actor. Some of these segments are merely puzzling but some are perversely funny, like one about a gas-station robbery gone wrong and another about food delivery in the morgue.

    "Venti" turns out to be like two movies in one, neither of them entirely successful.

    The Beatriz-Eva road movie has charm but the stakes for these two are not high — they're not on the run from anything, they're not facing any personal crises, they're basically just out for a drive. The vignette movie can be puzzling and it makes the overall effect a bit choppy and nonsensical. When it works, the film hums along; when it doesn't, it lurches like a Fiat in need of a mechanic.

    MAY 9, 2000

    Reader comments on Venti:

  • Beh   from Alessio, Mar 21, 2001
  • Curioso   from Paola, May 5, 2001
  • hello   from john, Jan 8, 2007

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