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    Weary of relativity

    A woman fears the worst when she's obligated to let her boyfriend loose among her "strange" and estranged family in New Jersey.


    Greg (Kurt Fitzpatrick) and Nicole (Marie Hans) are trying to have a relationship, if you don't mind, when Nicole's family butts in and almost ruins everything. Nicole, who's been avoiding her folks for five years, is invited to the annual family picnic, and Greg accepts. On the way to the homestead in rural New Jersey, she warns him that her kin are "a little strange." That's okay, says he while strangely riding through a supermarket in a shopping cart, everybody's family is a little strange. And away they go.

    Written and directed by: Kurt Fitzpatrick.
    Cast: Kurt Fitzpatrick, Marie Hans, Mike E. Pringle, Ivor Williams, Ben McVoy, Susan Dewey, Jack Rudegeair.
    If there's one problem from this point on, it's that the emphasis in "a little strange" is on a little. Most of these characters are just not strange enough to hold up this kind of a movie. There are some exceptions, of course — Nicole's brother Joel (Ben McVoy), for one, who lounges in his underwear and makes Greg watch his earnestly bad work as a filmmaker. But most of the clan is merely irritating without crossing the line into entertaining.

    Something similar could be said about the film. It wants to please — and it does include some funny ideas — but it doesn't quite find the spark that would have made it either truly hilarious or truly bizarre.

    NOVEMBER 29, 1999

    Reader comments on Kin:

  • Ritchie   from Steve Foster, Jun 23, 2003
  • Re: Ritchie   from Ben McVoy, Nov 19, 2003

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