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    Reader comments on

    Subject: The Outer Circle
    Date: May 19, 2002
    Sender: C. Andrew BauerPrevious

    Many thanks to Frank Episale for an excellent review of Fanatics. It is refreshing and inspiring to be recognized by a reviewer with a keen eye for process and not seduced by his own imposed idea of the play's purpose and meaning.

    As the company member whose Frank describes in a particularly telling moment, I can claim complete responsibility for the obscure dance reference which, in fact, was not related to "Hamlet" at all. To quibble about it would be to ignore Mr. Episale's shrewdness in bringing it up in the first place.

    Such in jokes started something of a conversation within the company throughout the run of Fanatics (i.e. how insular can our humor get before we shut the audience out entirely...when does personalization come at the expense of the audience's experience of the play?).

    It has been my experience that the act of writing a play with a company often runs the risk of being motivating by self promotion, even by companies much more experienced than ours. Every rehearsal, workshop and performance of Fanatics over the course of two years could be described as a battle between the importance of Galileos story and our own desire to make a statement as a young company. I, being the youngest member and, thusly, most apt to make grandly misguided mistakes, am often at fault in making such statements (a kind euphemism for the in joke) and unbalancing the performance in our favor. It is to Mr. Episales credit that he perceived this and chastised the intent behind it.

    C. Andrew Bauer
    EB&C Company Member

    ps. While I have little doubt that we all enjoyed Mr. Episales review, I, of course, am expressing my own opinions regarding the company. Purely as a legal note. Should anyone sue.

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    » The Outer Circle «   from C. Andrew Bauer, May 19, 2002
    » The Outer Circle «   from C. Andrew Bauer, May 19, 2002