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    Reader comments on

    Subject: response to unresolved plot questions
    Date: Jul 24, 2005
    Sender: BradPrevious

    I loved this film because the "time travel" issues are so well thought out. It reminds me a bit of the Butterfly Effect because things don't always work out the way you think they will when you try to change them. In order to understand how things work when you can call up to six hours into the past, you must understand Quantum Theory which says that all possible outcomes and events exist simultaneously and that which outcome or "path" you take is a matter of probability.
    This is a very sensitive system which means that even observing an event changes it and can cause a different outcome out of billions of possibilities which are way too much for you to calculate. One can talk here about destiny such as was the case in the remake of The Time Machine wherein the hero tried to save his beloved's life and changed events but each time she still died although for different reasons. One time at the hands of the Ripper, another being run over by a horse carriage. In the Butterfly Effect no change turned out right until he was removed (never born) because his existence was an anomaly which never should have happened. These scenarios try to posit a higher power which has passed judgment or requirements for things to turn out a certain way that we can't understand. The reason you shouldn't talk to yourself on the phone from the future is because it causes FEEDBACK, an infinite loop in which no one possiblity can be resolved because of the direct relationship between the people on the phone. Just as a microphone when put next to its speaker casuses a loud unpleasant noise (feedback), the same person speaking to himself in the past would cause cause event or Quantum feedback-too much energy thrown back into itself without any output or resolution which results in an un-natural and unstable excitation of the system. As far as someone reporting to the past on things nobody thought of, this could cause changes which would remove the original reason for reporting to the past. This brings up the idea of the paradox. If time is a structure which separates the past and future then to damage this structure could cause an intermix
    of past and future events. Take your body for example. Your very life depends on some events happening before others. Your heart must beat in a certain sequence. Some brain signals must be recieved and sent to activate life supporting activities before other critical things can occur or you would die in an instant. If the very foundation upon which life stands is thrown into chaos, there could be no life.

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    » response to unresolved plot questions «   from Brad, Jul 24, 2005
    » response to unresolved plot questions «   from Brad, Jul 24, 2005