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    Reader comments on Control Room

    Subject: Control Room
    Date: May 5, 2005
    Sender: medinaPrevious

    Control room is a movie about the relationship between western media and the Arab World. This documentary is about who is really fair when it comes to reporting information on the war in Iraq. It covers much information about the Islamic Television network called Al Jazeera. Both sides of the media argue that the information that they are presenting to the world is more accurate. The American media portray that their information is more accurate and beneficial to the world, even though that Al Jazeera network thinks that the American media is ăcontrolledä by the American government. Throughout the documentary it shows how Americans collect information, but refuses to expose it to the media world and how sometimes report wrong information to the American public. Also it shows how the Al Jazeera Network stretches some of the news to let Arab world know what is really going on behind the scenes of the bloody war.

    The intention of this documentary is to show the public how we intend to forget about what the truth is behind the Iraq war and how were falsely mislead by the American media when it comes to death rates and how the war is wrongly done to those that had nothing to with the supposedly nuclear weapons. This information is actually accurate once you watch this documentary because the Al Jazeera network people go out of their way by interviewing soldiers and other TV news reporters. Al Jazeera also reports on the bloodier side of the war rather then focusing on how many Americans have dies or if there is really a nuclear weapon, but the American media was the opposite because they would only show death of Americans and not focusing on how many innocent civilians are being bombarded daily in Iraq.

    My opinion, of this documentary was very eye opening. I actually had a chance to see how our media is being controlled and we how are desensitized by the American media by making us to think only of Arabs as terrorist and not letting or giving the right to truth about what is really happening in Iraq. By watching this documentary it is very disturbing to know that American and Arabs donât even get along when it comes to our media. I think this kind of separation by both sides it only going to cause much more hate between the Arab world and America. Also when our media is being controlled by higher authority then what is the point of wasting our time to watch something that is being falsely and controlled by someone else. This Documentary made me want to look for my news else where, instead of watching Fox news or any other kind of ou

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  • An Important movie   from Kathy Prescott, Aug 4, 2004
  • » Control Room «   from medina, May 5, 2005
  • An Important movie   from Kathy Prescott, Aug 4, 2004
  • » Control Room «   from medina, May 5, 2005