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    Reader comments on

    Subject: large and powerful faction
    Date: Apr 20, 2005
    Sender: lozaPrevious

    What starts out as a rather good review demonstrating a lot of compassion for the situation Arab Americans find themselves in post 9/11, you fall foul of the classic but misguided notion that somehow 'peace loving' Muslims must explain the behaviour of non-peaceful Muslims. Why? Should peace loving westerns be required to account for the actions of Bush, Blair, et al.? Should peace loving Americans be asked to account for the behaviour of Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon (and the whole US establishment which was behind their murderous intervention in south-east Asia?). Surely considering that these are (nominally) democratic societies the peace loving people that live within them are much more responsible for the actions of their blood thirsty leadership that those living in non-democratic states are for the actions of their unelected leaders or equally unelected extremists?

    Your accusation that large factions within Muslim society support terrorism and state repression to "battle nonbelievers and crush nonconformity even within the faith" is largely nonsense - you conflagrate extremist Islamist factions with nationalist struggles such as that of the Palestinians. If fat, well-fed and lazy America has plenty of extremists (McVeigh & co.) then why should relatively (in many cases just absolutely) poor states such as Algeria, Egypt, and Pakistan have less? This conflagration is extremely misguided in the case of the Palestinians whose struggle has only quite recently taken on a Islamist form (Hamas, Islamic Jihad) as the secular alternative (PLO) has been progressively undermined by US/Israeli intransigence and the failure of the Oslo Accords (which never offered that much to the Palestinian people anyway (although no doubt you'll want to argue this point!).

    Secondly, state-repression. Is your concern who Muslim states behave toward their own populations (i.e. how Muslims treat Muslims) in which case surely their religion is not the significant issue or are you merely trying to imply (perhaps Im being alarmist now?) that somehow Muslims are sadomasochistic? Do they enjoy their repression under their vicious terrorist states? I come back to it, what if anything do you mean by referring to state-repression at all?

    Finally. You talk about the Islamic world as though it has a telephone number and you could pick up the phone and talk to it. The Islamic world1 billion people from a vast range of ethnic groups with a huge range of different cultures, and traditions and significantly varying understandings of their religion.

    Before writing these things you ought to reflect on whether you have assimilated the latent racism of the liberal, corporate, mainstream, whatever you want to call it, media. This is the kind of rubbish that have been bandied around as legitimate questions since 9/11, posing attempts to solve the problem through dialogue, reflection and mutual understanding when in reality they are merely a reinforcement of the stereo-types and western chauvinism.


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  • » large and powerful faction «   from loza, Apr 20, 2005
  • sajjil   from jc, Aug 29, 2002
  • » large and powerful faction «   from loza, Apr 20, 2005