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    Reader comments on Anatomy of Hell

    Subject: Hell is Good
    Date: Nov 25, 2004
    Sender: AlexisPrevious | Next

    Okay, while I totally agree that this film is over the top, and not the best of B.'s films by far, and not even I know what she was going forhere, for the most part, this film is still more interesting than almost any film featuring "romantic" and "sexual" realtionships you will ever see, and that is what makes Breillat an interesting and singular director.

    In this film, I think she fails at making her point, but not at trying to make her point: that sexuality, men, women, they way we relate, the mysteries of life, childhood, the psyche, the adult soul, all of these things swirl together and make people crazy, and often, the only glimpse we get at the dark orgies of energies that troll in the mind, occur when we try to fuck someone else. Then all hell breaks loose, and we try to dominate and control others, buy love and affection, try to make up for childhood needs with sexual affection, kill people, and all kinds of things. Sex is revelatory and DEEP, not just about fun and connection. Breillat tries to expose that. Not everyone is ready for that.

    The way sex and love is depicted in almost all films is either on the totally romantic, light, or dramatic levels, or, in the case of porn, on the totally graphic, physical level. Only Breillat tries to show how sex really works in the soul--as yet another expression of the strange mysteries of life, and the deep destructive and creative energies of people that they rarely understand, examine, or take seriously--until they start fucking somebody. This stuff is so subjective, and so mysterious, that some people never talk or think about it. That Breillat does so stiffly in this film is a valid criticism, but what is more interesting is that fact that she tries to examine these truths at all.

    But what makes a man a man, and a woman a woman, and what compels us to be together, and create and maintain life, and develop as people and societies... these are very deep energies all connected to the raw energies of sex, and THIS, this reality is what Catherine Breillat is trying to depict in all her films.

    I don't really fault her with making a bad movie. I really applaud her for trying to explore more specifically the female soul as it relates to man, and all the swirl and depth of sex as it relates to the swirl and depth of the life of the individual. To me, this is more reality than any tight or brilliant "romantic comedy," or "sexual thriller."

    If you can watch this movie, and ask "why?," ask why, a lot, and seriously, it may get you thinking about sex, and life, and yes MYSOGYNY. Again, I don't think Breillat did a great job, but the fact that she tried to tackle this question, the thousands-year-old tradition of mysogyny in the history of mankind, when supposedly men love and desire women so much sexually at the same time, is incredibly interesting and daring.

    The author of this article thinks that's silly. But Breillat raises more than a decent question, and a very complex one, that is a very deep pin in the eye of all sexual relations, even gay ones. Men say they love us, yet women are habitually treated like shit, at the very best like second class citizens in first world countries, who must struggle harder for rights, wealth, and recognition. If that's a silly question, I think that shows that mysogyny is alive and well in the mind of this writer, who cannot acknowledge the validity of "female" questions, or the brilliance of a director dedicated to tackling them.

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  • » Hell is Good «   from Alexis, Nov 25, 2004
  • Re: Hell is Good   from patrick, May 20, 2005
  • u no what i be sayin dawg   from DaQuizzer, Mar 13, 2005
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