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    Reader comments on Nanette Burstein and Jordan Roberts

    Date: Sep 25, 2004
    Sender: MattPrevious | Next

    Last year I (Matt Skonicki of Orland Park IL) send IFC a television pilot entitled "Film Students" (And by the way this wasn't a piece of crap, this was 6 months in the making and better then what I see on IFC now) along with a proposal to shoot 3 film students at NYU with a 10 episode assemblage. All outlined in copywritten materials by the WGA (BEFORE IFC MADE FILM SCHOOL). It was sent to Debbie Demontreux of Development at IFC. Whom had me sign a waver form (after she had my stuff) stating "that if IFC comes up with an idea same as or similar to mine, I cannot claim there within". 2 months later (September 2003) Debbie announces her first executive produced show at IFC, Film School (moving up from production and development), with THE SAME EXACT PROPOSAL. Only she puts Nanette Burstein in my shoes to direct (By the way we put on the DVD pilot we sent IFC a pitch of us on the couch pitching the show, nanette is quoting right off of your pitch in the press release, nerving!!). I inquired by calling her up, she directed my to her pitbull lawyers (Loeb and Loeb) that stated that we signed the waver form and they would sue us if we inquired anymore. Another bottom feeding faceless corporation, AND I'M NOT ALONE. I met personally with Leah Meyerhoff who stars in IFC'S film school. She is suing IFC for all types of invasions of privacy between her and her handicapped mother. Her boyfriend Rusty Nails (whom is also on the show) went to the same film school together, Columbia in Chicago. I have met with him also. IFC STOLE FILM SCHOOL. When my lawyers asked for the return of the pilot, they said they never got it but said they got the 4 page proposal which matches their show word for word. My pilot was stolen. This was one year ago, not a month ago.

    I have been fighting these bottom feeder for a year, way the heck before it was even known to the public. My experienced lawyer (Harris and Associates of Chicago) will greatly explain to you how they see this as obvious copyright infringement. I also graduated #1 out of 453 film students so I'm not some pot smoking film student whom makes pretentious films either! FOR THOSE THAT THING IFC CAN DO NO BAD, HEED MY WARNING, DO NOT SEND YOUR STUFF TO IFC! THEY WILL STEAL IT. JUST CHECK INTO HOW MANY LAWSUITS THAT ARE GETTING FILED AGAINST THEM RIGHT NOW.

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  • » IFC STOLE FILM SCHOOL!!! «   from Matt, Sep 25, 2004
  • High School Doc.   from Lisa, Jun 13, 2005