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    Reader comments on Catching Out

    Subject: Re: SARAH GEORGE
    Date: May 17, 2004
    Sender: Johnny BernaysPrevious

    I submitted the ABOVE post, howbeit I merely posted ANOTHER'S ideas, in THIS post I shall express more perfectly mine own selves opinion on Ms George. Being, as it were, a "LifeStyle" FreightTrain Rider of North America, 20+ Years, supporting myownselves by "BUSKING," and rather well known in CAMPY areas (to wit: SF@ 9th. Ave & Irving) Austin TEX (6th. Street & Guadelupe) PORTLAND (appearance at BLUES FEST, 1999, 2000) and MY FAVOURITE CITY!!!!+++TORONTO the Good!, I DISDAIN unconsciencous people who DRAW POLICE ATTENTION to We True Riders whose ONLY STRENGTH and PROTECTION is invisibility! The HEAT and FEAR generated by the 911 NYC Towers Attacks have made MY FORMER WONDERFUL LIFE STYLE impossable! DAMN IT! I was DEMOTED to the HATED & SCORNED life of a Rubber Tramp!What is even WORSE, I sent several Emails to this little SARAH GEORGE back when she was seeking Real Railroad Types for her Doc. and was SHUNNED! The stinking HOBO.COM/ American Hobo Assn. bunch SHUN, LOATHE & DESPISE me....of course, those RABID ANTI-SEMITES loathe ANY talented Jew who has MORE STRENGTH of INTELECTUALITY in my SHIT then FRANK the WEB TURD has in his TOTAL CRANIAL CAVITY! I am a Ham Radio Operator, Former holder of 1st. Class Radiotelephone Engineers License, NEPHEW of Edward l. BERNAYS (Father of Public Relations) and 3rd. cousen of SPOUSE of SIGMUND FRUEID.But, THE HOBO FOLKS DON'T WANT your STINKIN EXPOSURE! YOU CONTRIBUTE NOTHING to our LIVES except MORE STINKIN' SINCHING John Q. Public awareness! Go take a leak, Sarah George, and STAY AWAY from POOR HOBOES!

    Previous: SARAH GEORGE

    Respond to this message | Return to original article: Catching Out

    Response to this comment:

    America's most wanted train bum?
    This police artist sketch has been issued to all Union Pacific special agents, using information supplied by abominous source.

    Note the Bright Eyes, Nose ring, cell phone, vidio camera, and credit card, for bailing herself out of jail if captured.

    is a known con artist, and is known to be husteling "production funds" for "Hobo Jungles" (a film advocating illegal trespassing on freight trains) from television pre-sales, public grants, private foundations, and conning donations from individuals. The subject hustled a $4,000 grant from the King County Arts Commission and a $500 grant from the Puffin Foundation.

    The money hungry subject also intends to bilk the Artist Trust, Allied Arts, the Seattle Arts Commission, the Pioneer Fund, the Kongsgaard-Goldman Foundation, and the Titcomb Foundation.

    The subject also plans to enrich her self with cash from domestic and international television pre-sales. Discovery, PBS, Channel 4, BBC, Canal Plus, and ZDF are viable funding options.

    Subject has a history of arrest, and reckless disregard for the safety of minor children, who she has lured into trespassing on intermodal freight trains!

    But if you cut some people who, don't want to cause trouble some slack, you have to come down twice as hard on the real trouble makers. I mean with these hobo celebrities that still plaster their pictures, riding up on freight trains, all over magazines, and web sites, and T.V shows.

    They figure they can get away with it. But they figure that the special agents can't beat the shit out of them and get away with it.

    Did you ever think the F.T.R.A is getting tired of being the boogey men, That is supposed to be you guys, the special agents job and, maybe it's you bulls turn to start pulling your weight.

    I will tell you a law of street justice, someone does something, and you ask the criminal justice system to do something about it, but they will not do it.

    That means if you go and pay them back yourself, chances are that the criminal justice system still will not do anything about it.

    So maybe you Special Agents should go back to the old school; you catch some of these hobo celebrities, who put their pictures in magazines and newspapers, who star in TV shows, and put up stupid web sites, and jet to your train yard, credit card in hand ready to bail them selves out of jail if they are caught, maybe you should think about beating the fuck out of them, and then shutting them up in a car and sending them to the next yard, 12 hours away. That would put the fear of god into them.

    As you are beating the shit out of them, or as your shutting them up inside a boxcar, and they are telling you how they will sue, maybe laugh and tell them,"That is OK, we get sued every day, by people with a lot more money and power than you; it will drag through the courts for years, you will never get a dime!"

    Look at if from a risk management perspective, if you kick some celebrity hobo ass, and shut them up in a car for awhile, yes they will sue, but if you don't kick their asses, some poor kid is going to see the media content they create, and wind up trying to jump on a moving train, not knowing what he is doing, get killed and his poor mother is going to sue you.

    So you're screwed if you do kick their asses, and you're screwed if you don't. It just boils down to a question of who you want dragging you through the courts for years.

    And being media, they will scream bloody murder about what cruel brutal mother fuckers you are. Stop thinking of this as a publicity liability and start thinking of it as an asset.

    When you're kicking their asses, be sure to borrow their cameras,and shoot some video of it. I can see it now.

    Copied From a train hoppers mailing list

    Tue, 21 Apr 1998
    From: San Luis

    I was busted last Saturday in Oakland after a trip up the coast from Oxnard.

    Here's the story:

    San Luis's Crew Hops a Piggy Back
    We were riding a piggy only three cars back from the units, admittedly our first fact, I had initially refused to take the ride. Our train stopped briefly in San Jose. I advocated detraining in order to take CalTrains, but for various reasons we remained on our piggy. Two strikes in the poor judgement department and definitely lessons learned.

    In any event, our train kept a steady pace from San Jose into Oakland, but we slowed just south of Jack London Square. This time when I suggested that perhaps we should bail before riding into the yard in our visible position near the units, my companions agreed with me.

    The train was moving at the speed of a casual jog as we tossed our packs off and then jumped off one at a time. Jessica jumped off facing out away from the train. She tumbled and fell. I hopped off last and quickly ran back toward Jessica to make sure that she was OK. She bashed her knee pretty good and hit her head. She was in pain, but, luckily, not seriously injured.

    We waited for Jessica to regain her composure as the end of the train snaked past. When I was sure that she was OK, I walked up toward an intersection to get my bearings and saw a city cop waiting on the other side of the train. We all gathered our things and quickly walked the other direction. But it was too late.

    The cop turned on his lights and we stopped obediantly and dropped our bags. The officer was stern but reasonable. He asked for ID's and as he ran them another officer arrived. They asked us informal questions which we answered honestly and politely. Then a Sargeant arrived. Big bummer because this old-timer had attitude and clearly wanted to teach us a lesson (or something).

    Soon we were cuffed and split in pairs in the back of two patrol cars. Our officer (2nd to arrive on the scene) was actaully a nice guy. He told us that if it were up to him, he would have let all of us walk away. But, he also mentioned that the Sarg was bad news for us. We asked what was likely to happen, and he replied that first the Sarg was contacting UP. Meanwhile, we found out that our two other companions had warrants (minor-in-possession and fare evasion on BART) and they were definitely going downtown.

    UP never replied. The Sarg took out some handbook and casually flipped the pages. Our officer told us that the Sarg was looking for something to book us on. At one point when our officer got in the driver's seat, I asked if we were going somewhere and he replied "Not yet." I asked if we were under arrested and he answered "You could say that you are under arrest." He started asking questions and filling out paperwork. Then the Sarg signalled to him outside and the three officers had a meeting.

    When our officer walked back to the car, he ripped up the paperwork he had started and told us that the Sarg changed his mind. We would be cited and released and the others would be booked. So he handed us our citations (Violation 587(b)) and we gathered our bags and walked down to the Oakland Jail to meet our friends. Turns out one of them was processed that afternoon, but the other spent the night in an overcrowded holding cell, sleeping on the floor.

    That's pretty much the story. Wish that things had happened differently, but I guess it all boils down to a bad coincidence.

    Possibly the only reason OPD even stopped your group, was that about one week earlier, a young girl and her friends were headed home from school, only to be stopped by a very long freight train blocking there path. Since the train wasn't moving they all felt safe to cross between the freight cars. 2 of the group made it, the third one did not. While crossing over, her clothing somehow got entangled as the train began to learch forward. They recovered her body around 65th Ave.(about 4-5 blocks from where they orginally crossed. (I'm SURE that Union Pacific made quite a bit of noise about trespassers to OPD after that incident:

    Stunned After Girl Killed on Train Tracks
    Henry K. Lee, Chronicle Staff Writer
    Saturday, April 11, 1998
    ę2004 San Francisco Chronicle


    Melody Danridge, 14, of Daly City decided to spend a day of her spring break with friends in Oakland Thursday. Her visit ended tragically when she was run over and killed by a freight train as she tried to slip between two boxcars.

    Yesterday, family members mourned the death of a lively eighth-grader who loved to sing, shop with friends and volunteer at an elementary school near her home.

    Relatives couldn't figure out why Melody and her two friends clambered between two cars of a 64-car Union Pacific train heading from Oakland to Stockton about 1 p.m.

    (Remainder of article omitted. -- Editor)

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