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    Reader comments on The Magdalene Sisters

    Subject: Re: Church, State, Slavery
    Date: Sep 16, 2003
    Sender: J. VancePrevious | Next

    Last evening I saw this movie, "The Magdalene Sisters", for the first time and I was compelled to find out more about this. This posting opens up another whole issue of institutionalized child abuse and govenment and church opacity in dealing with this issue. "Leave no child behind" is a deception. Thanks for the post.

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    Response to this comment:
    Church, State, Slavery

    A movie " the Magdalene Sisters", touches on two issues of freedom and control by governing powers.It only touches the surface of human exploitation and corruption which continues today throughout the world. We are taught in America we are free. Yet 500,000 children per year, will become victims of abuse and suffer the emotional and economic effects of isolation and abandonment. Many will be held in jails awaiting placement." It is, its self, a form of abuse to the rights and well being of a child."

    The "Governing power," be it the Church or the State, protects its self through defamation and isolation of empoverished groups, in this case children, who are doomed to a life of sufferage, low paying jobs, poor access to medical and educational services. They are doomed to a life of exploitation, both econonically and sexually. The Governing entities, perpetuating mythologies, that this group of people deserve their self inflicted wounds.

    Freedom is a word with little meaning for children in foster care. They will be used to control the mass population's identity on issues of humanity, yet as a group, they will be isolated from family ties, genetic histories, educational and medical services. Those needing medical cares, will be placed in the streets without services or preparation, increasing their sufferage. Invisable to the general public, they have no group identity, and the system said to protect youth, in fact exploits them.

    Power corrupts, concentration of power corrupts absolutely... We see this in our society and around the world as wealth and power intertwine. The mythology of Freedom comes with a debt, a quiet voice of explolitation of environmental resources, racism used as a tool to isolate groups and misdirect energies so those who are in power can maintain control.

    There are no friends to the worlds exploited masses. America writes its own history and creates its own legends, fables and myths, which hide a harsh reality, where human beings are indeed controled enmass by the rich and powerful. The children of the American Foster Care system, will face death at rates higher then Jet pilots in time of War. Both males and females will be placed in harms way with increased sexual exploitation and physical abuse. Those with medical needs will be abandoned to suffer alone their medical resolutions or die prematurely from lack of access and the Powers will create laws and create false histories, which perpetuate the mythology of Freedom as the State or the Church, build prisons to hide the truth of their devilish conspiracies.

    The topic of "Lost Children" covers generations and all the continents of the world. The UK sold children for profits until the late 1960's, the Catholic Church enslaved women until the late 1990's. Struggles of Children in America attempting reparations for injustice continue, but have doubtful outcomes, for the oppressor also makes the laws which continue individual sufferage and death. They are indeed Lost Children... freedom but a word used to missdirect and control the masses into submission.

    America has over a 30 year history of abuse to children. 80% of the jailed population has one thing in common, Foster Care! The goverment builds cells to hide their shame, the injured parties locked behind closed cells unto death. The disabled die quietly of Natural causes, directly related to lack of access to medical cares. Freedom remains a dream unfullfilled for the masses.

    There is a Holocaust occuring in America. The crimes go unreported to the general masses. Those abused,some, become abusers. Others simply die, death ending their sufferage." All it takes for Evil to prevail is for good Men to do nothing." In desperation individuals will fly planes into buildings, people will jump from burning buildings, they have no wings? Governing powers will take away your freedoms proclaiming public safety, all the while increasing their ability to exploit and hide their true intent."The concentration of power corrupts absolutely!"

    The voice of a child is seen in a tear, the scars of incarceration effecting generations. Freedom but a dream, America but a myth, controled by powers behind closed doors.Only 1% will achieve a University degree, Children in Foster Care , will face premature death and disability. They will live in fear awaiting payment for a crime ... poverty in America.

    An event long ago found a child," Myself", placed behind bars. The view from a prison cell, for an 8 year old, saw the dream of freedom quietly slip away. A court, denied personal representation of a child and assumed control of a developing life.It will be a rare individual to escape the statistical outcomes of Foster Care. Foster Care creates a condition... "the failure to thrive."(300,000 TO 500,000 CHILDREN in the system per year, all abandoned at 18 years of age).

    President Bushes intent in his declaration to "Leave No child Behind" has many hidden meanings. The actions of the State and the Church are all too clear,conceal the crime, perform damage control, protect those empowered with control and continue with the creation of mythologies of Freedom. Create the machinery for world expoitation, and the advancement of the preveleged. The individual must pay the ultimate price for freedoms loss... Death.

    There is nothing new in the New world Order, only a new spin on an old theme, "EXPLOITATION OF THE MASSES."

    I am a survivor of the Foster Care system, it haunts me daily, the statistics a true cause for alarm. A movie " the Magdalene Sisters" examines a small social group, Irish Women.Their condition, poverty resulting in ensalvement, sexual exploitation,and human resource exploitation. We are connected to a much longer history of Holocaust, one which continues into the future unchecked, as higher powers plot behind closed doors for self gain.

    The question must always be," Freedom at what cost?" Has Fear become the new tool which reduces personal freedoms? What new group will be singled out in the design to restrict individual freedom? Haunting words by President Bush, " Leave No Child Behind." You have the Right to remain Silent. Anything you say will be used against you in a court of Law. A new label,
    "Terrorist", ends your Rights indefinately, allowing actions by the Police State to take your life without due process. Must we repeat improper incarceration of Racial groups? Who will be next?

    Freedom is a wonderful word, a concept not yet achieved in the free world. Slavery is a word of pain, it effects freedom everyday. The worlds poor truly have little freedom. They can expect an end to their culture, a loss of their group identity and must surely await exploitation as a human resource by a Socially Elite who has the desire to consume everything in sight.Relief would come in a word understood by all ... Freedom.


    There needs to be legal representation and compensation for this group. A legal challenge must continue." For Many in Foster Care, disability and mental illness are a direct result of Governmental and Church intervention into individuals lives.


    Michael McDermott

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