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    Reader comments on

    Subject: Just call you Mr. Butterfingers
    Date: Nov 5, 2002
    Sender: DPrevious

    Dear Mr. Butterworth,
    The point of this movie seems to have slipped right through your buttery fingers. The fact that people were running in both Run Lola Run and Non Stop is NOT enough reason to compare these two movies in any way. Obviously, you were too caught up in the smoke and mirrors of Run Lola Run to even try to give Non Stop a chance. Just because a movie doesn't provide eye candy cut to cater to shortened attention spans doesn't make it "amateurish and uneven" or "murky and confused". It probably means that you scored poorly in math because you weren't given enough Ritalin as a child. Hence, the asian family who apparently "got" the movie.
    Non-Stop is about a group of men who end up resolving their differences with each other by exhausting themselves in the chase. Their individual stories are unimportant to the plot. All you need to know is that they are pissed off and want to kill each other. The entire chase is a progression of each person losing sight of their anger through good old fashioned excersize. This movie is a thousand times more original than Run Lola Run because it veers away from the formulaic "HOLY CRAP! TEN SECONDS TIL' MELTDOWN! DON'T PUSH THE RED BUTTON!" type movie. Although it leads you in that direction, it ends gracefully by taking an unexpected element of the movie and making the resolution.

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    » Just call you Mr. Butterfingers «   from D, Nov 5, 2002
    » Just call you Mr. Butterfingers «   from D, Nov 5, 2002