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    Reader comments on Brideshead Revisited

    Subject: Pretty little boxes
    Date: Feb 20, 2009
    Sender: BenPrevious

    I abhore attempts to shoehorn attempts at art into pretty little boxes in order to summarily elevate or in your case dismiss it. Don't blame your failure to see what you don't want to entirely on poor film-making. Although the production of this movie is unnecessarily stylized it is not entirely without a point. The point is that the frivolities of Sebastian's younger life compare nothing with what he has gained at the end, namely a faith which he neither enjoys nor understands but cannot seem to turn away from. It is a bit ironic that you seem to think that the character's just magically became urgently devout at the end while in reality they were heading there from the beginning albeit in a long somewhat convoluted path. On an interesting note you assume that because Sebastian's crowd at Oxford were called Sodomites that they were homosexual while this is not true. The term merely refers to their Bohemian habits not there sexual preference. Furthermore, you assume that Sebastian was exiled for his homosexual tendencies while in reality he exiles himself in an effort to reject the faith of his family. In the future try to actually watch the movie rather than instantly try to force it into the shape of your own preconceived notions.

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    » Pretty little boxes «   from Ben, Feb 20, 2009
    » Pretty little boxes «   from Ben, Feb 20, 2009