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    Reader comments on Art. Life & Show-Biz

    Subject: Her wedding day to Frank Wise
    Date: Feb 18, 2009
    Sender: Amy GroskyPrevious

    My hubsand and Helen's were friend's in the Navy.
    We, attended their wedding @ her voice teacher's apt. She was just a great! lady and I was thrilled. Ray Bolger sang "Once in love with Amy"
    Helen made everyone so comfortable it was cool.
    She has probably forgotten our brief encounter but
    she was warm and showed a lot of class. She will always be a super star in my heart and A wonderful


    Amy G.

    Frank, showed me the proper way to cook pasta.

    Previous:  Her wedding day to Frank Wise

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    Comment index:

    » Her wedding day to Frank Wise «   from Amy Grosky, Feb 18, 2009
    » Her wedding day to Frank Wise «   from Amy Grosky, Feb 18, 2009