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    Reader comments on beast: a parable

    Subject: Beast-an insightful mix of race and sex
    Date: Aug 19, 2008
    Sender: sarahPrevious

    I was privledged to see the performance of Beast on Friday evening. I whole-heartedly disagree with Thompson's review of the show, considering that the thought provoking dynamics of the show are what makes it a hit. The fact that it leaves you with ANY questions is proof enough that it is an artistic work that pushes the audience to re-evaluate their own comfort levels with race and the relationships that human beings have with each other. Both of the Actors grasp the material admirably and the direction by Mr. Jimenez is subtle and dead on. Honestly, costumes and set design, while necessary and done well, could be overlooked if one just focuses on the material alone. To contemplate "wrong" questions is simply proof that not all audience members will "get it". Its a necessary evil that exists in the theater world, to provoke thoughts and comfort level, or battle with a more tightly sewn ending. This of course, is just my opinion.

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    » Beast-an insightful mix of race and sex «   from sarah, Aug 19, 2008
    » Beast-an insightful mix of race and sex «   from sarah, Aug 19, 2008