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    Stefan Prosky, Food Secret Extraction Interface (a.k.a. The Tortured Pickle) in Hypervisualizations
    Stefan Prosky, "Food Secret Extraction Interface (a.k.a. The Tortured Pickle)"

    Vegetable cruelty

    Pickle torture is just one of the unusual ideas at an exhibit of MFA projects at the School of Visual Arts' "Hypervisualizations."


    Whether you're a computer enthusiast or just someone who spends hours in front of a keyboard and monitor for work purposes, an art exhibit that will be at the School of Visual Arts' Westside Gallery until March 17 may alter your perspective on those machines. The works on display are by students in the school's Masters of Fine Arts Computer Art Department and they articulate the myriad ways in which computers can be used for artistic purposes.

    Exhibition: Hypervisualizations.
    Digital art by: Carlos Casado, Ye Won Cho, Maya Ciarrocchi, Ken Howell, Eunjung Hwang, Travis Kauffman, Shin Il Kim, Edward Kulzer, Who In Lee, Erin Lucas, Aaron McMasters, Yuki Nakajima, So-Yeon Park, Stefan Prosky, Richard Purdy, Aishwarya Saigal, Lien Fan Shen, Allan Tarantino, Samara Umschweis, Jonathan Young, Albert Yu.

    Related links: Official site
    Highlights of the show include Eunjung Hwang's "123" in which a clay figure sits atop a miniature stationary exercise bike. When you press the black button his feet begin pedaling and a voice counts out "1, 2, 3!" in chirpy personal trainer fashion. On an accompanying tiny screen line-drawn figures eat and get transformed. Also on display are Hwang's "Breakfast In Despair " and "If You Play With Ghosts You'll Become A Real Ghost" in which animated figures travel through surreal minimal adventures and library books spawn cardboard characters.

    Albert Yu's video "Strangers" is a mini documentary of Chinese workers in New York City telling of sweatshop conditions. His other video, "Air" has shots of a blue, cloudy sky . Slip on the headphones and you'll hear a telephone operator telling you to try your call again.

    Richard Purdy's dome-like figures are muted encaustics rendered in foggy color. In Stefan Proskey's "Food Secret Extraction Interface (a.k.a. The Tortured Pickle)" (above) a condemned dill pickle sits in an electric chair. Other works utilize iMacs, video and Cheerios painted black to comment on cultural issues.

    MARCH 5, 2001

    Click any thumbnail for a larger image.

    Eunjung Hwang
    "123 (She\\\'s Not Dead)"

    Albert Yu

    Shin-Il Kim
    "A Red Light"

    Yuki Nakajima

    So-Yeon Park

    Aaron McMasters

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  • Travis Kauffman   from chris montoya, May 5, 2003

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