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    Complete archive, 1999-present


    Aaron Cobbett

    Glam cam

    Aaron Cobbett's photographs of women take fashion photography up a notch.


    In "Lady: New Photographs of Women," photographer Aaron Cobbett presents an essay in glamour. In these photographs, women are wearing makeup applied in a manner far more theatrical than what you'd normailly see in a typical issue of Allure or on the average lady walking down the street. Their wardrobes evoke evening wear from past decades, as they sport sequins and shoulder pads. Their nails are long and intricately polished. The backdrops are at times Vegasy and film-noir moody.

    Photographs by: Aaron Cobbett.
    Book: "Super Eros."

    Related links: Official site
    Debs & Co. Gallery 525 West 26th St., Second Floor (212) 643-2070 Through April 7

    What strikes the viewer is how comfortable these women look in their get-ups. One gets they inpression that they are not simply models, but women who are glamourous in real life. Standing out is the photograph of downtown fashion doyenne Patricia Field, resplendent in a sparkly blue/purple shoulder-padded gown as her maraschino-cherry-red hair frames her face. She stands in front of a background that looks like a spangled spider web. Dare we enter?

    Another model, reclining in a black and white '50s/'80s-looking dress has an inner-arm tattooo that says "beautiful" in gothic letters.

    To add more glamour, the photographs are bordered by glittery frames. Cobbett's photographs have appeared in Vogue, Vanity Fair, Glamour, Interview, Honcho, Inches, Genre, HX and Blue magazines and his pictures of men are collected in a book titled "Super Eros."

    MARCH 6, 2001

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