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    Destroy our logo!

    We spent about 30 seconds making our logo — and it shows!

    If you can do better, or worse, be our guest — improve our feeble logo or destroy it any way you wish. All we ask is that it come back in .gif or .jpg format, measure 331 x 48, and still look remotely like the words "OFFOFFOFF" on a black background. If we like it, we'll put it on the front page for all to see, and list your name and design on this page.

    Mail your winning design to You grant Offoffoff full use of your design.

    Our readers destroy our logo

    Frank Episale, New York

    Radik Shvarts, Brooklyn
    editor & designer of

    Elias Toufexis, New York
    Untimely Ripped Entertainment

    Mark Wyman

    Todd Carlson, Florida
    Luice Design

    Louise Ellis, Winchester, U.K.

    Bryan Bruchman, Brooklyn | |

    Steve Dawson, London, England

    Alexis J. Estevez
    Personal site

    Brian Snapp, New York

    Patrick Harrington
    inarch design

    Terrance Grace

    Roberto Bindi, Italy

    Jessica Herrera

    Squirtle (the pokemon)

    Mick W. Lauer, New York

    Sarah Maya

    Sebastien Sabatier-Curial, Astoria, Queens
    Saba Dance Theater

    Nathan Aryev (design slightly altered)

    Lea Aletti

    We destroy our own logo

    Here are some of the logos we've destroyed for ourselves. (We know some of them are lame but we're gradually replacing them with good ones from our more creative readers.)