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    Mariana Carre–o King
    • Offoffoff contributor

    Mariana Carre–o started writing fiction in her native Mexico. When she moved to New York pursuing a career in theatre, she found a new vice writing plays. Her full-length plays include "The Wake" (INTAR theatre 1996), "Fool's Journey" (INTAR theatre 1999), "Two Minutes in the Lobby" and "Waiting for the Post Office to Give Birth to Time." Her one-woman show "Night of the Cat-Sitter" has been featured at Theatre @ Saint Clement's as part of an evening of playwrights in performance, and with the Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre as part of the Insight Series. She is director of special programs at "The Writers Room," an urban writers colony, where she organizes an international writers exchange program with Mexico. As an actress Mariana has performed in numerous stages including INTAR, PRTT, HERE, and Mabou Mines among others; as well as in some independent films ("Love Machine," "A Packing Suburbia"). She is a member of LAByrinth Theatre Co. and the PRTT Professional Playwrights Unit.

    Articles by Mariana Carre–o King

    Born into Brothels
    Coffee and Cigarettes
    The Embalmer
    Paper Dove
    Se–orita Extraviada (Missing Young Woman)
    Waking Life
    Y Tu Mama Tambien

    Brutal Imagination
    Suitcase, or Those that Resemble Flies from a Distance
    Take Me Out