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    Kelly Hayes
    • Offoffoff contributor

    Kelly Hayes grew up studying ballet and jazz near Chicago, Illinois. She earned her BFA in dance performance from the University of Iowa in 1997. Ms. Hayes has danced with Dayton Contemporary Dance Company II, Zephyr Dance, City Ballet Theatre of Milwaukee, in New York with Tony Silva, Sun Ho Kim, and Dixie Fun Dance Theatre, and on Martha‚s Vineyard at the Yard residency. Her choreography has been presented by Soundance, Mulberry St. Theatre, the Limon Institute, the Yard, and the Physical Arts Center, as well as at venues in Chicago, Atlanta, and Athens, Georgia. Her solo Slip is currently in the repertories of Midwest Dance Collective (Chicago) and Zoetic Dance Ensemble (Atlanta). Ms. Hayes is a director of Ballroom Studios New York, a multi-disciplinary artist collective. More about Ballroom Studios and our current project at Kelly Hayes is also on faculty at Peridance Center, The Ailey School, and the Stable in New York and STEPS School for the Arts in Stamford, Connecticut.

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