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    Joseph Langham
    • Offoffoff contributor

    Joseph Langham is a multidisciplinary artist who is responsible for several

    strange plays, hundreds of bizarre songs, volumes of pure poetic kookiness,

    and the painter of a whole mess of whimsical paintings. Recent

    accomplishments include the publishing of his play "Out to Lunch" as part of

    the off-off Broadway anthology "Plays and Playwrights" and his solo piece

    "HAR HAR: an Evening with Harburg Harrisbrandt" which won the FringeNYC

    Excellence Award for solo show, and has been performed in New York, Arizona,

    and Canada. His latest play "CRUX" has enjoyed two successful staged

    readings and is slated for full production in the fall of 2004. His hit

    madcap comedy/music creation, "GILLIGAN STUMP! and THA PERFESSER..." is

    performing in Apr/May 2004 at a theatre near you. He is a cast member of

    Dena Hammerstein's Only Make Believe a company specializing in silly

    performances for kids stuck in hospitals, and he is a regular cast member of

    TheaterGarden, performing educational musicals in local elementary schools.

    He is the founder of BrokenArmProductions, a company catering to adult

    audiences with productions that stand firmly outside the norm. He and his

    wonderful wife, Monica, run BAP from their top floor rear apartment in

    Brooklyn, NY. To learn more visit

    Articles by Joseph Langham

    Ashira69 (Episode #1: Cult to the Chase)
    Carrot and Stick
    Doľa Rosita the Spinster
    The Eliots
    It's a Wonderful (One-Man Show) Life
    King Cowboy Rufus Rules the Universe
    Love's Labour's Lost
    World War Zero