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    Dawn Eden
    • Offoffoff contributor

    Salon, Request, the Village Voice, and Mojo are a few of the

    publications Dawn Eden's writing graced in 1999, but none so frequently or

    so inexpensively as OffOffOff. With the millennium, she looks forward to

    the continued popularity of the
    HREF="">Millennium, a

    psychedelic pop band from 1968 which she helped elevate to cult status with

    her liner notes to the CD of their album, Begin(
    HREF="">Rev-Ola/Creation). The album

    is said to have sent Brian Wilson back to the sandbox. (Other fans include

    Guided By Voices, St.Etienne, Belle and Sebastian, the High Llamas, and

    Teenage Fanclub.) Dawn Eden has also written liner notes for 62 other

    reissues (and three contemporary ones), including Harry Nilsson's

    Personal Best, the Hollies' 30th Anniversary Collection, and

    the Gary Lewis & the Playboys twofer Everybody Loves a Clown/She's Just

    My Style
    (horribly remixed, stick to the original). She is co-author of

    The Encyclopedia of Singles and a contributor to The Encyclopedia

    of Popular Music
    . She is single and has no children that she knows


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