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    OFFOFFOFF.COM's mission is to cover alternative arts of all kinds in New York City -- independent film, off-off-Broadway theater, local music, non-commercial radio, and whatever else we can think of. It was created by a journalist and a computer specialist who were sitting in a theater one day after watching a terrific independent movie called Lena's Dreams and wondered why there wasn't a source of information that would let people know about the many great events in New York that don't necessarily get written up in the major papers and don't involve animated Disney characters or dancing alley cats. So we decided to start one.

    We have a talented staff of dozens of contributors -- some of them experienced journalists with a background in the arts, some of them artists who write. We've been doing this since late 1999 (minus a hiatus in 2006 and 2007), and we've published ... let's see ... 1,694 articles on independent arts to date.

    If you have comments about the site, want to do business with us, or want to let us know about an upcoming event, please e-mail us. We'd love to hear from you.